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Original Stormtrooper Vacuum Flask 17.99 €

Use the Force to keep your drinks warm with the Original Stormtrooper Vacuum Flask. The black flask will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. The leak-proof design is perfect for taking in a backpack on adventures near and far. It includes a removable strainer for using with loose leaf tea. The black and silver flask is detailed with the original Stormtrooper design created in 1976 for the first Star Wars movie and will make a great gift idea for any Star Wars fan. BPA-Free Hand Wash Only Capacity: 500ml

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Game Boy Mini Light 11.99 €

Brighten up your room with this iconic, retro Game Boy Mini Light. This cylindrical light features the instantly recognisable Game Boy design and makes official Game Boy noises when switched on. The perfect gift for lovers of the golden era of gaming, as well as fans of the Game Boy and Nintendo in general, the Game Boy Mini light is great for desks, shelves and mantle pieces alike. The light is 11.5cm tall and is battery powered – batteries not included. First introduced to the gaming world in 1989 (1990 in Europe), Nintendo’s Game Boy revolutionised portable gaming. Instantly becoming a hit across the world, selling over 118 million units, the Game Boy transcended gaming markets to become a definitive pop culture icon of the time. Still hugely popular and highly regarded, the Game Boy led the way for portable gaming, introducing classic games such as Tetris and Pokémon that are still universally popular in modern mobile gaming today. With its retro cool design, the distinctive build and colour of the Game Boy has widespread appeal among modern gamers and fans of the original alike. The Game Boy Mini Light is an officially licensed Nintendo product.


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Harry Potter Quidditch Notebook 11.99 €

Plan your next adventure in this canvas covered Quidditch Notebook. Featuring the rules of Quidditch and some wonderful diagrams on its front, this cute notebook is a fantastic gift for organised Harry Potter fans. The beautiful front cover of the notebook features the phrase ‘Quidditch at Hogwarts’ at the top and other drawings including a broom and the golden snitch. Inside this perfectly bound notebook there are 200 lined pages, and a burgundy page marker so you never lose your place. First published in 1997, J.K. Rowling’s bestselling series of novels following the magical adventures of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger has since become a cultural phenomenon. A huge success in novel form, the world of witchcraft and wizardry was then given big screen treatment in 2001, launching one of the most successful blockbuster film franchises in cinema history. Harry Potter is instantly recognisable to millions of people across the world, and is hugely popular among fans of all ages. The Quidditch Notebook is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.


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Pac Man Shaped Mug 11.99 €

Get the ultimate power-up boost by taking your refreshment to the next level with this iconic PAC-MAN Shaped Mug! An over-sized drinking mug inspired by one of the greatest arcade games ever made, the PAC-MAN Shaped Mug takes its distinctive design from a classic arcade machine and features PAC-MAN images and logos. First launched in 1980, PAC-MAN was one of the most influential arcade games of the decade. Featuring the iconic pizza shaped hero (based on the Japanese character for mouth), the game established the trend for a mascot led gaming franchise, and the character soon became an instantly recognizable icon of popular culture. Starting from a simple premise of collecting pellets around a maze (whilst being pursued by the four intrepid ghosts of the game – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde), the game has remained popular ever since, spawning numerous sequels, remakes and spin-offs, and is a much treasured classic by gamers young and old alike. Great for fans and gamers, the PAC-MAN Shaped Mug is an ideal gift solution for birthdays, Christmas stocking fillers or even the office Secret Santa, and is an officially licensed product.


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Reloj de pulsera con Minifigura de Darth Vader – LEGO Star Wars 22.99 €

¡Pásate al lado oscuro y usa la Fuerza con este fantástico Reloj de pulsera con minifigura de Darth Vader de LEGO® Star Wars! Conecta los eslabones multicolores intercambiables (incluyen una minifigura esculpida del mismísimo Darth Vader) para crear tu propia correa. Agrega o quita eslabones para ajustarla a tu muñeca o cambiar de estilo. Este reloj analógico cuenta con una esfera ilustrada de Darth Vader, mecanismo de cuarzo, lente a prueba de arañazos, horario, minutero y segundero, así como eslabones multicolores intercambiables con una minifigura esculpida de Darth Vader (no articulada). Agrega o quita eslabones para crear tu propia correa y ajustarla al tamaño de tu muñeca. Sumergible hasta 50 m. Incluye una pila.


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Taza Caldero Harry Potter – The Leaky Cauldron 11.99 €

¡Un regalo perfecto para fans de Harry Potter! Original taza con un diseño inspirado en la popular saga Harry Potter. Esta mágica taza simula el caldero que se usa en la asignatura Pociones en el colegio Hogwarts. Fabricada a mano, la taza está decorada con el nombre del pub más antiguo de Londres, The Leaky Cauldron, y unas estrellas en color dorado en la parte frontal. En la parte trasera destaca el nombre del Callejón Diagon en inglés y color dorado. Taza Harry Potter – The Leaky Cauldron Diseño con forma de caldero de pociones Licencia oficial Presentado en una caja de regalo ¡Ideal para amantes de los regalos frikis!

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Jarra Black Panther 35.99 €

¡Un regalo perfecto para fans de Marvel! Esta jarra en relieve de Marvel es ideal para tomar una buena bebida fría después de un duro día trabajando para salvar el mundo. Destaca por su original diseño con el logo de Black Panther en una placa plateada grabada en relieve en el centro, bandas plateadas alrededor de la parte superior e inferior de la taza y cuerpo con detalles intrincados en relieve al estilo de los guerreros tribales de Wakanda. Una pieza coleccionable y esencial para cualquier colección de Marvel o superhéroes. Jarra Marvel Diseño inspirado en Black Panther Detalles plateados y grabados en relieve Logo Black Panther grabado en relieve Licencia oficial Marvel ¡Un regalo original! Capacidad: 800 ml Medidas: 12,5 cm x 19 cm x 12 cm

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Lámpara Infinita Star Wars 11.99 €

¡Un regalo perfecto para fans de Star Wars! Hace mucho tiempo, en una galaxia muy muy lejana, Star Wars apareció en nuestras pantallas en 1977 y pronto se convirtió en una de las franquicias de películas más famosas del planeta. La particular mezcla entre ciencia ficción y fantasía creada por George Lucas no deja a nadie indiferente. Lámpara LED infinita con efecto óptico que representa el logo Star Wars, el cual parece perderse en el infinito. Funciona mediante conexión USB (cable incluido) o con 3 pilas alcalinas AA (no incluidas) y puede colgarse en la pared o colocarse de pie sobre una superficie plana. Mide aproximadamente 31,5 cm de alto. Lámpara Infinita Star Wars Efecto óptico Medidas: 31,5 cm Licencia oficial Disney ¡Un regalo original!


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The Flash 3D Character Light 13.49 €

Light up your room and bring the comics and movies to life with a Light in the shape of your favourite DC Comics characters! The Flash Light takes its distinctive 3D design from the iconic character from the hugely popular DC Comics universe. Measuring approximately 10cm from base to tip (approx 4in) and powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included), The Flash Light is part of a highly collectable DC Comics set, and is a perfect addition to any fan’s bedroom. First launched as Detective Comics in 1939, DC Comics is hugely popular with comic book fans around the world, and is one of the oldest and best regarded publishers in the genre. Over the years, DC Comics has been responsible for creating many of the best loved characters in pop culture history, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman among others, as well as popular crime fighting teams such as The Justice League and Suicide Squad. Great for fans of the comic books, films and TV series, The Flash Light is an officially licensed DC Comics product, and is an ideal gift solution for birthdays, Christmas stocking fillers or even the office Secret Santa.


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