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Hasbro Gaming Red Bugs 14.49 €

Howard woke up to a problem that’s itchy! Catch those bouncing bugs and do it quickly! Press the button to turn on the bed and make it start shaking, then use the tongs to catch the bouncing bugs of matching color as fast as you can. Be the first player to catch all the same color bugs, and shout “BED BUGS!”, then turn off the bed. All players must then put down their tongs and check if the player that shouted “BED BUGS!” has won! If a player turns off the bed, but has another players color of bug in their pile, that players win doesn’t count and the other players get to keep playing until there’s a winner! Features: Players catch the matching color bugs as fast they can First player to catch all their bugs, wins For 2-3 players


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Frogger Mini Arcade Game 27.49 €

It’s a blast from the past with this retro-styled Frogger mini arcade game! It looks, sounds and plays just like you remember. Navigate Frogger across the highway and the rushing river to the safety of home. Watch out for traffic, and don’t fall in the water!


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Paul Lamond Games 3D Stadium Puzzle Real Madrid 29.99 €

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a Real Madrid Football Club fan? Well it’s time to call off your search thanks to the exciting Nanostad 3D puzzle which features one of the Spain’s most famous stadiums – Santiago Bernabeu. This superb replica stadium puzzle is perfect for footie fans aged seven to 70! The Santiago Bernabeu stadium can be recreated in spectacular colour and detail in around three-five hours without the need for scissors, tools or glue making it a must for Real Madrid fans!

Paul Lamond Games

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Scrabble Memo Board 27.49 €

This full size Scrabble Board comes with 100 full size magnetic tiles and metal tile racks so the whole family can enjoy a game of Scrabble. However, this multi-purpose game also makes a perfect accessory to help keep track of all the family. Hang it on the wall and this ingenious magnetic Scrabble Board becomes a fun, super-size memo board. Why not have a little fun and leave messages in all directions for the family! How many points can you score with your message? The Magnetic Scrabble Memo Board also offers a full weekly planner and notes space with wipe clean surfaces to ensure nothing is forgotten. Scrabble can be played with 2-4 players aged 10 years and over.

Paul Lamond Games

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Paul Lamond Games 3D Puzzle Ball Chelsea 11.99 €

Looking for the perfect gift for an avid Chelsea fan? Then look no further! The Chelsea Football Club Puzzle Ball featuring images of the 2014/2015 players and manager is ideal. The 3D Puzzle Ball, made up of 240 pieces, is 8.6 inches high, the size of an actual football! The collectable 3D Puzzle comes with its own stand for easy display. A new Chelsea FC Puzzle Ball will be released each season so why not kick off your collection today!

Paul Lamond Games

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Maki Stack 29.99 €

Order’s up, so it’s time for a sushi showdown! Balance and arrange the sushi, plates, and soy sauce bottles, and make sure to execute the order exactly as shown on the card. Be careful because one wrong move and everything might tumble over! Use your fingers as chopsticks to stack pieces, or play in team mode, with each teammate using only one hand and one finger. Maybe you’ll play in blindfold mode, with you guiding your teammate as they blindly build the tower of sushi. Be the fastest solo chef or culinary team to master the art of sushi stacking and win Maki Stack, which is playable by two, four, or six players.


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Juego Pandemic (2013) 38.49 €

Como miembros cualificados de un equipo especialista que lucha por erradicar enfermedades, deberéis controlar la expansión de cuatro enfermedades mortales mientras encontráis su cura. Viajaréis a través del mundo para tratar infecciones, al mismo tiempo que buscáis todos los recursos posibles para conseguir la cura. ¿Seréis capaces de cumplir con vuestra misión antes de que sea demasiado tarde?


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Pandemic Legacy Season 2 – Yellow 47.99 €

The world is on the brink of total collapse. Already devastated by a terrible plague, much of the globe has gone dark. Small groups of survivors struggle to keep the world alive, but their efforts are no longer enough. The world needs leaders to rise up and find the way back from the brink of extinction. That task has fallen to you. You must find a way or nobody will. You are humanity’s last chance. Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is an epic cooperative game for 2 to 4 players. Unlike most other games, this one is working against you. What’s more, some of the actions you take in Pandemic Legacy will carry over to future games. No two worlds will ever be alike! Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 continues the epic struggle for the fate of humanity. You do not need to have played Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 to experience the exciting gameplay of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2.


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Retro Gaming Mat 32.49 €

Bring back the nostalgia of the games arcades with the Retro Gaming Mat. Perfect for children of the ‘80’s who will enjoy the rush of nostalgia, the Gaming Mat can be plugged into your TV to offer you 140 retro games in the comfort of your home, without a bag of coins. The fun gaming mat is great for parties and family get-togethers, and comes with RCA and power cables. Features: Retro Gaming Mat Plugs into TV 140 x ‘80’s style games Fun for parties RCA and power cables included

Thumbs Up

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Call of Duty Nuketown Heat Change Mug 11.99 €

Stay refreshed when answering the call to action with this Nuketown Heat Change Mug – the perfect way to stay alert and hydrated while taking on friends in Nuketown. A standard sized mug (capacity 300ml), just add a hot drink to see the image change, revealing the iconic Nuketown Map. The Nuketown Heat Change Mug is an ideal gift solution for birthdays, Christmas stocking fillers or even the office Secret Santa. The epic Call of Duty (COD) games franchise first launched in 2003 and has since become one of the best-selling video game series of all time, with numerous sequels and spin-offs. With millions of loyal fans keen for ever more simulated warfare from the masters of the genre, COD has become an industry staple, and returned to its roots in 2017 with the launch of Call of Duty WWII to much fan praise and critical acclaim. Previous titles such as Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and Infinite Warfare have made this record-breaking franchise one of the most popular ever created, and that popularity is set to rise further with a future movie franchise also in the works. The Nuketown Heat Change Mug is an officially licensed product.


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