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Fantastic Gymnastics Game 28.99 €

Get into the swing of things with the Fantastic Gymnastics game. Players will need to time their rhythm and speed to gain momentum and get the gymnast figure rotating around the high bar. At the right moment, press and hold the release button to dismount the gymnast, and try to stick the perfect landing. Stick the Perfect Landing Can you stick it? Practice getting just the right rhythm and speed it takes to get the gymnast rotating around the high bar. Hit the yellow button when the gymnast is in his back swing. When he is rotating faster around the high bar, press and hold the red release button to try and get him to land on the mat–feet first to score! Play solo or challenge friends to a tournament. Step-by-step instruction sheet also features helpful tips for getting the perfect 100-point score. Spin, Release, Land, Score Press the yellow button on the base to make the gymnast figure kick his legs and build momentum as he rotates around the high bar. Press the yellow button when the gymnast is in his back swing to build momentum quickly. Press the button faster to keep the gymnast in full rotation around the high bar. Then get ready to try for the perfect landing. Press and hold the red button to have him release at the right time so that he lands standing straight up on the mat. Where he lands on the mat determines how many points each player will get. Tournament bracket is included to keep track of high scores and see who advances to the finals. Land Like a Pro Becoming a champion gymnast takes great skill, focus, and a lot of practice. With this game, practice getting the feel for how to press the yellow button to gain speed and momentum. Always press the yellow button when the gymnast is in his back swing; slower to start and faster to keep him rotating around the high bar. Imagine what it feels like to swing on a swing, and then knowing just when to hit the release button to stick the landing. It can be exciting and fun for players to practice solo or challenge friends to a gymnastic tournament. Features: Stick the perfect landing Straight up, on the 100-point mark Practice using the buttons Practice getting the rhythm, speed, and release Two ways to play Play solo or compete with friends Challenge friends Challenge friends to a tournament Earn points Landing mat divided into point zones


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Subbuteo Red/White Team 16.99 €

Challenge your friends to a Subbuteo match and play as the team you support! Whether you are an Arsenal, Rotherham, Fleetwood Town, Barnsley or Nottingham Forest fan, or support another football club with a red/white home strip, you will love the Subbuteo Player Set with red shirt and white shorts. Subbuteo is suitable for ages 8 and over. Fans of all ages love the re-energised iconic table top football game, Subbuteo, with greatly improved detail. No longer do players need to be glued back together having broken from the base yet again. The stronger and more flexible players with unparalleled detail will ensure you dazzle everyone with your Subbuteo skills. This team box contains 10 players and a goal keeper wearing a red shirt and white shorts so pick your team, decide your game plan and victory will be at your fingertips! Can you flick it? Yes you can! Subbuteo is suitable for ages 8 and over. Contents:10 players1 Goalkeeper. Warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months, small parts, choking hazard.

Paul Lamond Games

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Plague Inc: The Board Game 35.99 €

Plague Inc: The Board Game is a strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction based on the smash hit video game Plague Inc. With over 100 million players. Each player is a deadly disease, evolving unique symptoms to customise their pathogen as they compete against each other to infect cities across the globe and be the first to wipe out humanity. The engaging theme and intuitive game mechanics allow players to rapidly start the outbreak whilst the constantly changing world, enhanced genetic tactics and contagious gameplay ensures repeat infections for years to come.


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Juego Fluxx Batman 17.99 €

Es noche de juegos en Gotham y nuestro Cruzado de la Capa favorito está de guardia. Los crímenes se suceden sin control y nadie es capaz de vencer a los villanos. ¡Ponte el cinturón multiusos y ayuda a Batman y a sus amigos a devolver el orden a la ciudad! Todo comienza con una regla básica: robar una carta, jugar una carta. Todos los jugadores empiezan con tres cartas. En su turno, roban una carta que ponen en su mano y juegan otra carta siguiendo las instrucciones escritas en la carta. Cada vez que los jugadores juegan una carta, estos pueden cambiar las reglas del juego a su antojo: cuántas cartas puedes robar o jugar, cuántas cartas puedes tener en la mano o cuántas puedes mantener al final de tu turno. Importación de Reino Unido: ¡juega y aprende inglés al mismo tiempo!


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Game Boy Colour Change Glass 8.49 €

Enjoy retro refreshment while gaming with this Game Boy inspired colour change glass. Simply add a cold drink to see the screen of the classic handheld console load up with a game. Designed like the distinctive original Game Boy, with its retro grey style and simple button layout, the Game Boy Colour Change Glass is a great gift for gamers of all ages. First introduced to the gaming world in 1989 (1990 in Europe), Nintendo’s Game Boy revolutionised portable gaming. Instantly becoming a hit across the world, selling over 118 million units, the Game Boy transcended gaming markets to become a definitive pop culture icon of the time. Still hugely popular and highly regarded, the Game Boy led the way for portable gaming, introducing classic games such as Tetris and Pokémon hat are still universally popular in modern mobile gaming today. With its retro cool design, the distinctive build and colour of the Game Boy has widespread appeal among modern gamers and fans of the original alike.


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Game of Thrones Monopoly Deluxe Edition 26.49 €

Monopoly Game of Thrones Deluxe – Special Deluxe Game Of Thrones edition of Monopoly for players to divide and conquer blood-soaked lands from the popular TV show. Winter is coming, get your houses prepped, your hotels built and your lands in order with Game Of Thrones Monopoly. This elegant, unique and special edition MONOPOLY game will delight every Game of Thrones fan. All aspects of the game have been customized; including oversized tokens, custom game board, cards, MONOPOLY money, rules and more! Deluxe Version Contains: Foiled Box Coated Varnish on Board Wrapped Scroll Rules Printed board back with full logo Larger Cards Parchment Money


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Horrid Henry Game 16.99 €

Whether you have your very own Horrid Henry or Perfect Peter or know a fan of the best-selling Horrid Henry children’s books and animated TV series, the Horrid Henry board game will be a sure-fire winner when it comes to gifts. Great for scaring off school holiday boredom and beating rainy day blues, the Horrid Henry board game is designed for children aged four upwards. To win, players must help Henry find all of his favourite things and then race back to the beginning! To win hands down at the Horrid Henry game, players must be fast! If you land on a space with a skull and crossbones on it, that means you can search for one of ‘Henry’s favourite things’. If you collect a token with one of Henry’s favourite things on it, and you don’t already have it then you get to keep it. If you already have it, put it back face down not forgetting where it is so you don’t collect it next time! But it’s not just about favourite things – this is Horrid Henry after all. When players land on a ‘Stop and take a card’ space they must pick up a Horrid Henry card. Each card will feature a challenge, some of which are quite horrid so it’s up to the other players if you completed the challenge horridly enough. If everyone agrees it was horrid enough, play moves to the next player but if it wasn’t it’s time to say bye-bye to a token. Contents: Game board 16 Tokens 6 Horrid characters playing pieces 4 stands 1 dice 21 cards rules Warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months, small parts, choking hazard.

Paul Lamond Games

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Juego de cartas Exploding Kittens – Edición Not Safe For Work 23.99 €

Exploding Kittens Edición NOT SAFE FOR WORK es un juego de cartas para aquellos a los que les gusten los gatitos, las explosiones, los magos con tetas y algún que otro culo. Esta Edición NOT SAFE FOR WORK de Exploding Kittens es un juego solo para adultos, de 2 a 5 jugadores (hasta 9 jugadores al combinar otras barajas). Ha sido el proyecto más respaldado en toda la historia de Kickstarter y todas las cartas tienen ilustraciones de los artistas de The Oatmeal. Incluye 56 cartas (6,35 cm x 8,89 cm) Caja Instrucciones Importación de Reino Unido: ¡juega y aprende inglés al mismo tiempo! Esta caja, como el 99.9% de todas las cajas, no dice miau.


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Monopoly – Edición Regreso al futuro 23.99 €

Nueva versión del tradicional juego de mesa Monopoly inspirado en la saga Regreso al futuro. Hace ya 30 años que Marty McFly regresó a Hill Valley en los años 50. Viaja a través del tiempo con este fantástico juego Monopoly visitando la ciudad a lo largo de lso años, desde el Lejano Oeste hasta el futuro alternativo generado por Biff Tannen. Juego en inglés

Winning Moves

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Retro Risk 35.99 €

The game of global domination- Risk is a strategy board game designed to test your mind and skills. Originally produced by Parker brothers-now a division of Hasbro, Risk is played on a board depicting a political map of earth. The aim of the game is to occupy every territory on the board- eliminating your opponents. This edition has stylish wooden pieces and great retro graphics.


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