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Shelley: Complete Series 5 6.99 €

Shelley: Complete Series 5

James Shelley is trying to show willing. Exasperated by his constant procrastination, wife Fran has now given him his marching orders, and there are even the rumblings of divorce proceedings. So Shelley becomes something of a regular at the ‘Easy Job’ agency in an effort to find tolerable work and win back Fran’s respect – his travails taking him from a hard day’s slog in the City to the joys of the ‘Dust-Bowl’ Burger Bar…


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Birds of a Feather: Complete Series 7 11.99 €

Birds of a Feather: Complete Series 7

Everyone s favourite Essex girls return with this seventh series of Birds of a Feather – one of the 1990s most successful, long-running and memorable sitcoms. This release comprises all ten episodes of Series Seven together with The Chigwell Years, a retrospective special screened in March 1996 featuring clips from previous shows. Created by the legendary comedy partnership of Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran (The New Statesman), the series chronicles the misadventures of Sharon and Tracy (Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson) – North London-born sisters left to fend for themselves, financially and emotionally, when their husbands are jailed for armed robbery. The girls have lived very different lives, Tracey enjoying the neo-Georgian splendour of Dalentrace – the luxury home paid for by husband Darryl s criminal activities -while her sister had remained in an Edmonton tower block. Now, Sharon lives with Tracey, enjoying a few home comforts and offering much-needed moral support – even if some of her habits prove a tad annoying. And if life in Chigwell sometimes seems a little dull, there are always the extra-marital antics of their man-eating Jewish neighbour, Dorien (Lesley Joseph), to keep them entertained…


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Dont Drink The Water – The Complete Series 11.99 €

Dont Drink The Water - The Complete Series

It’s going to be another stinking hot day today… This hilarious sequel to On the Buses follows the further misfortunes of the newly retired Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis), erstwhile scourge of the Luxton Bus Company Depot.Dreaming of peace and quiet, sun and senoritas, he’s decided to warm up the autumn of his days in a little flat in Spain that the glossy brochures have lured him into buying with his life’s savings – so beginning a whole new series of mishaps that could happen only to Blakey. The water’s undrinkable, the food’s ‘orrible, the plumbing’s dodgy… and it’s full of foreigners!Also starring Pat Coombs (as Blakey’s long-suffering sister Dorothy) and Derek Griffiths, Don’t Drink the Water was created by Ronald Wolfe and Donald Chesney – the writing team behind the phenomenally successful On the Buses, whose comedy credits also include Educating Archie, Meet the Wife and The Rag Trade.This set contains both series, originally screened in 1974 and 1975.


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No One Knows About Persian Cats 5.99 €

No One Knows About Persian Cats

Based on real events, the film follows two young musicians, Negar and Ashkan, who are promised a gig in London and embark on a frantic mission to assemble a backing band. The couple have recently served prison terms for breaching the ban on ‘Western and decadent music’, and for Negar, these activities are particularly dangerous: as a female musician, unauthorised public performances can carry savage penalties. Now, they face a search for the elusive and costly paperwork that will permit them to leave for Europe. Teaming up with promoter and bootlegger Nader, their search takes them into Tehran and a vibrant underground culture of rappers, rockers, electro-artists and singer-songwriters who risk arrest to perform Western songs overlaid with their own politicised lyrics. But as Negar and Ashkan try to convince others to follow their lead, the risks that they are taking become all too apparent.


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Gentle Touch – Series 4 – Complete 12.49 €

Gentle Touch - Series 4 - Complete

Jill Gascoine stars as tough, no-nonsense female cop Maggie Forbes in this complete fourth series of the police drama. Made at a time when there were very few ranking female officers in the police force, The Gentle Touch not only showed police procedure within a Metropolitan Police CID unit but also allowed insight into how a woman might cope with such a role in what was very much a man’s world. Instantly successful with the public, The Gentle Touch ran for five years before spinning off into another series – C.A.T.S. Eyes.


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Man At The Top 10.49 €

Man At The Top

Man at the Top, originally screened in the early ’70s, takes up the continuing story of Joe Lampton, the aggressively ambitious anti-hero of John Braine’s bestselling novel Room at the Top, its award-winning film adaptation of 1958, and 1965 sequel Life at the Top.Kenneth Haigh’s portrayal of Joe Lampton earned him a BAFTA nomination, while accomplished film and stage actress Zena Walker is Joe’s long-suffering wife, Susan. This intense, compelling drama series was created and co-written by John Braine, and George Markstein (Callan) features among the producers. This release contains the complete first series, available for the first time anywhere.Thirteen years on from his marriage to the pregnant Susan – a condition of his continuing promotion by Susan’s father and his then boss, Mr. Brown – Joe Lampton has a new home in Surrey’s stockbroker belt and a career as a management consultant. As pushy and hard-headed as ever, he will go to any lengths to keep a grip on his position. Joe remains married to Susan and the couple now have two children, but his attentions rarely remain fixed and he does not fail to take advantage of all that his status and connections bring within his reach; this inevitably includes the attractive and available women he encounters. A single event, however, causes Joe to re-assess his life – with far-reaching consequences.


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In Character: Richard Bradford 5.99 €

In Character: Richard Bradford

Richard Bradford found great critical acclaim for his sensitive and realistic portrayal of McGill, the discredited ex-CIA agent reduced to working for hire as a private investigator. A perfectionist and Method Actor, he quickly came into conflict with some of the crew and his fellow actors – gaining a reputation of being awkward to work with. Interviewed in the summer of 2004, he candidly talked about his time working on Man in a Suitcase and the problems he encountered while trying to make what is, for some, the finest of ITC’s action/adventure series.


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Blood On The Sun 5.99 €

Blood On The Sun

Nick Condon (James Cagney), an American newspaper reporter working in Tokyo during the 1930s, refuses to toe the official line on the expansionist policies of the anti-democratic Imperialist government. Realising that Condon isn’t going to co-operate, the Japanese authorities decide to seize him and force him to reveal his valuable information and contacts…


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