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The Strange Awakening 9.99 €

Having found global fame as RKO’s tenth Tarzan, American actor Lex Barker established a long and successful career in Europe that began in 1957 with this classic tale of greed, deception and murder. Co-starring Italian actress Lisa Gastoni and directed by B-movie stalwart Montgomery Tully, Strange Awakening casts Barker as a man who loses his memory but gains a large inheritance… along with a sinister new ‘family’! Also known as Female Fiends, Strange Awakening is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Motoring in the South of France, Peter Chance is attacked and left unconscious. On recovering, he has no memory either of his past or who he is, and is shocked to be told that he is the heir to two million dollars. As he slowly regains his health, his suspicions are aroused by the women who claim to be his mother, sister and wife. When police call to investigate the death of his father, Chance realises that he too is a suspect, and begins his own investigation… Features: Original Theatrical Trailer Image Gallery


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John Pilger: Breaking the Mirror 5.99 €

Recipient of multiple awards – including the UN Media Peace Prize – John Pilger is a world-renowned journalist, author and factual film-maker who began his career in his native Australia before moving to London. He has been a foreign correspondent and frontline war reporter since 1967 and is a regular contributor to a wide range of international broadcast and print media. A passionate critic of foreign military and economic ventures by Western governments, Pilger’s work uncovers shocking truths about the political forces that manifest themselves worldwide; leaving no stone unturned, he treads where many journalists fear to go. Originally broadcast in 1997, this film considers the downfall of the newspaper Pilger worked on for 23 years: a popular, intelligent tabloid once read by a quarter of the British population and which genuinely reflected its readers’ concerns. Pilger asks why the qualities seen in the Daily Mirror prior to the 1970s are no longer apparent, examining the contraction of the press following the Sun’s symbolic move to Wapping, coverage of the Hillsborough disaster, the fate of the Daily Mirror under Robert Maxwell, and the stranglehold of Rupert Murdoch. Released for the first time, Breaking the Mirror is accompanied by a brand-new John Pilger introduction, recorded in 2014.


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Next To No Time 9.99 €

British cinema legend Kenneth More heads an outstanding comedy cast in this brilliantly engaging adaption of a story by Oscar-nominated screenwriter and novelist Paul Gallico. Filmed extensively on the Queen Elizabeth – then the largest liner in the world – Next to No Time is presented here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. David Webb, a brilliant backroom boffin who is cripplingly shy and nervous in unfamiliar situations, has an ingenious scheme for converting his employer’s factory to automation. The project, however, requires more capital than the firm can provide, and to his horror Webb finds himself thrust aboard the liner Queen Elizabeth and heading inexorably to America, where he is expected to track down a famous industrialist and persuade him to finance the scheme… Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailer Image Gallery Original Promotional Material PDF


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Whodunnit – The Complete Fifth Series 6.99 €

Doctor Who star Jon Pertwee is your host in this highly popular, light-hearted panel game which invites viewers to play detective – pitting their wits against a panel of celebrity sleuths to solve a fictitious murder mystery. Devised by comedians Jeremy Lloyd and Lance Percival, the show’s brilliantly original formula presents short dramas laden with clues – and a few red herrings – to be pieced together by the panellists who, having grilled the suspects, point the accusing finger at the likely felon… A star-studded guest panel for this volume includes Prunella Scales, Liza Goddard, Terry Wogan, Dr Magnus Pyke, Alfred Marks, Patrick Mower and Jimmy Jewel; Tony Anholt, Kate O’Mara, Josephine Tewson, Simon Oates, Nicholas Courtney and Denis Lill feature among the casts.


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The Outsider 5.99 €

Medical drama and romance are intertwined in this engaging feature from Austrian-born director Paul L. Stein. Mary Maguire and George Sanders head a first-rate cast in The Outsider, based on Dorothy Brandon’s popular 1920s stage play and presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements. Lalage Sturdee is a brilliant pianist. Virtually abandoned at birth by her father – an eminent surgeon – a mishap at the hands of an unqualified practitioner has left her disabled for life… or so she believes. Despite her father’s objections she puts her faith in Anton Ragatzy, the ebullient and outspoken inventor of a machine which appears to give miraculous results. A machine which will either cure her completely or cripple her forever…


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Warn That Man 9.99 €

This intriguing wartime thriller adapts Vernon Sylvaine’s stage play imagining a Nazi plot to kidnap Winston Churchill – a plotline famously revisited more than three decades later in The Eagle Has Landed. Blending keen suspense and defiant humour in equal measure, Warn That Man sees professional Cockney and box office favourite Gordon Harker starring alongside Canadian-born Raymond Lovell and British film stalwart Finlay Currie. Made in 1943, the film is presented here in a brand-new High Definition transfer from the original elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. At the height of World War II, the Germans discover that a certain British personage is to stay at the country house of Lord Buckley. They devise a plan whereby they will kidnap the real Lord Buckley, and send to England an actor who will masquerade, lie in wait for the visitor with a number of gunmen, and take him back to Germany… Special Feature: Original Theatrical Programme PDF


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The Sweeney: The Complete Series 38.49 €

Rough, tough and politically incorrect in the way that only the best 1970s drama series can be, The Sweeney is one of the major television successes of the last 50 years. Featuring John Thaw as the irascible Detective Inspector Regan and Dennis Waterman as his loyal ‘oppo’, Detective Sergeant Carter, this complete series box set features all 53 episodes of the benchmark police drama in a digitally remastered format with outstanding picture quality.


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Oh Boy 5.99 €

South Shields-born comedian Albert Burdon stars in Albert de Courville’s novel take on the classic tale of drinking the elixir of youth – with a twist! This rare comic gem, released in 1938 and based on a story by Lambeth Walk lyricist and playwright Douglas Furber, is presented in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. A mysterious Russian scientist presents a timid chemist with a potion which turns him from a weakling into a confident, vital male, able to defeat his rival and impress the girl of his choice. The only problem is that this mysterious substance has the unexpected result of causing him to revert gradually to babyhood! While this is happening, his father – a Beefeater – is being stalked by a gang of American criminals intent on stealing the Crown Jewels! Special Features: Image Gallery Original script PDF


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Heli 9.99 €

In his third film exploring modern Mexican society, Cannes award-winning director Amat Escalante looks unflinchingly at the country’s escalating drug wars and their devastating impact on one fictional family. Heli is uncompromising and graphic in its depiction of the sadistic violence, corruption and climate of fear in which the region’s people must go about their daily lives. Stark, shocking and beautifully photographed, this powerfully affecting film has received worldwide critical acclaim. Heli lives a simple existence in a small house with his father, wife, baby son and 12 year old sister, Estela. When Estela’s boyfriend, a young cadet, seeks to change their lives by stealing confiscated cocaine, Heli and his family are caught up in the murderous world of Mexico’s drug cartels and the corrupt police they control.


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The Tamarind Seed 9.99 €

A captivating romantic drama unfolds against a backdrop of Cold War paranoia in this acclaimed feature by multi-award-winning director Blake Edwards. Featuring an outstanding score by multiple Oscar winner John Barry and presented here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements, The Tamarind Seed stars Julie Andrews as a Home Office minister’s assistant, and Omar Sharif as the Paris-based Soviet attache with whom she falls in love; among an outstanding support cast are Anthony Quayle and Sylvia Syms, whose performance earned her a BAFTA Award in 1974. Holidaying in Barbados in the hope of overcoming the unhappiness of a broken love affair, Englishwoman Judith Farrow meets debonair Russian Feodor Sverdlov. As they explore the island paradise together and their mutual feelings grow, so too do the suspicions of the intelligence agencies in both London and Moscow. In a world where no-one is to be trusted and appearances can be fatally deceptive, every move they make is being watched… Bonus Features: Soundtrack suite, featuring score and musical arrangements by John Barry Song suite, featuring music by John Barry Theatrical Trailer Image Gallery Archive interviews with Omar Sharif and Blake Edwards Film and Soundtrack Notes by Geoff Leonard and Pete Walker


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