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Beadles About: Complete Series 1 9.99 €

Beadles About: Complete Series 1

Game for a Laugh had firmly established Jeremy Beadle as Britain’s master practical joker, and in the mid-Eighties the much-loved TV prankster went on to present more outrageous stunts, unbelievable situations and hysterical moments with this phenomenally successful show for LWT.


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Saigon: Year of the Cat 6.99 €

Saigon: Year of the Cat

Can love survive the fall of a nation?Judi Dench takes the role of an English woman working in Saigon who falls in love with a CIA analyst in the final chaotic days of the war in Vietnam.Written by acclaimed British playwright David Hare, whose adaptations include Oscar-nominated films The Reader and The Hours, directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen) and produced by Verity Lambert, this powerful production won BAFTA nominations in five categories in 1984, including Best Actress for Judi Dench and Best Single Drama for Stephen Frears.The conflict is officially over. Temporarily insulated in the city’s diplomatic quarter, Barbara Dean continues working as assistant manager in a foreign bank. On meeting American Bob Chesneau (Frederic Forrest – Apocalypse Now), she quickly senses that he works for the CIA; in his reluctant role as an interrogator, he is only too aware of Vietnam’s military reality. With time running out, they begin an intense affair.As Vietcong forces advance from the North, many of Saigon’s remaining Westerners continue their daily lives in a state that approaches denial. But soon the frenzied evacuation of the city will begin, and their Vietnamese colleagues and allies will be left to face their fate alone..


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Hello Cheeky 9.99 €

Hello Cheeky

Hello Cheeky fearlessly brought Radio Two’s long-running 1970s comedy show to television, featuring the legendary talents of Goodies star Tim Brooke-Taylor, fellow I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue stalwart and comedy writer Barry Cryer, and writer and actor John Junkin; composer Denis King provided musical accompaniment (and frequently became the object of ridicule for the other three).The half-hour shows were pre-recorded in front of a live audience and replicated the original series’ trademark mix of preposterous sketches, appalling jokes, raillery and general silliness. Improvisation abounded, with the occasional blunder retained in an irreverent approach summed up by Cryer as ‘Laugh-In without the gloss, only desperation and rot’. A typical show might feature advice on looking after an armadillo, teaching your dog to samba or making your very own space rocket from a yard of lint, an operation on a false moustache, or even a gala dinner with the officers and crew of the Nancie Celeste…This first-time release on DVD contains all 12 existing episodes from 1976. Unfortunately episode 10 no longer exists in the archive.Parts of Tim, John and Barry appear by permission of the Official Receiver. Other parts are played by people, with the exception of Denis King who appears by arrangement with the Natural History Museum.


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The End Of Love 5.99 €

The End Of Love

Ming is an attractive young gay man living a hedonistic yet precarious life of drugs and partying in Hong Kong. After an overdose, his secret identity as a male prostitute is revealed to his partner, who is furious and ends the relationship; Ming is transferred to a Christian rehabilitation camp. There, he comes clean with both his addiction and his sense of guilt. On his release, Ming is determined to live a ‘good’ life – but it is only a matter of time before the past catches up with him.


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Rumba 11.99 €


Fiona and Dom are teachers at a rural school. They share a passion for Latin dance and they’re deeply in love. On weekends, they enter dance competitions around the country and their house is crammed with trophies. One night, as they are driving back from a competition, they encounter a man on a clumsy suicide mission, standing in the middle of the road. They swerve to avoid him and crash, throwing their lives into turmoil… Far from being a bleak drama, Rumba has a resolutely optimistic feel – a quality that has characterised the work of award-winning directors and performers Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy since their first feature, Iceberg. Following in the tradition of the great burlesque comedies of the past, Rumba paints a stylized and colourful world punctuated by flashes of musical comedy. Paying homage to Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati, this highly original and surreal comedy blends theatre, dance, mime and dialogue, with the supporting cast made up of non-professional actors who bring a natural freshness and fragility to the film.


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Saturday Live – Fry And Laurie, Harry Enfield And Ben Elton 10.99 €

Saturday Live - Fry And Laurie, Harry Enfield And Ben Elton

Created by leading comedy producer Paul Jackson and based on the format of American show Saturday Night Live, Saturday Live has justifiably been described as ‘the comedy revolution televised’. Screened by Channel 4 between 1985 and 1987 and becoming Friday Night Live in 1988, the show presented the best and brightest new comedy talent, making huge stars of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, Ben Elton – who became the permanent host of Friday Night Live – and Harry Enfield, among many others.Disc OneBefore branching out into A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie brought their brand of sharply satirical, brilliantly eccentric humour to bear on a number of pressing topics on both Saturday Live and Friday Night Live. This compilation features such treasures as a mini-lecture on why ‘Size Doesn’t Count’, the pitfalls of ‘Buying a Hedge’, and why we should all ‘Carpe Diem’ before saying ‘Byeee’…Disc TwoHarry Enfield unleashed a trio of comic characters on Saturday Live and Friday Night Live: Greek café-owner and Arsenal supporter Stavros, the hilariously monstrous Loadsamoney – the Cockney plasterer and millionaire-in-the-making who propelled Enfield to comedy superstar status – and, occasionally, his lesser-spotted and hardier Geordie adversary, Buggerallmoney. While Loadsamoney never missed a chance to fl ash his cash, Buggerallmoney settled for smoking tabs (sometimes three at a time, mind!). Just don’t mention Luton Town FC…Disc ThreeBen Elton’s unstoppable monologues on a variety of topics delighted audiences for the classic comedy showcase throughout the later 1980s. Whatever the subject, ‘Motormouth’ Elton usually delivered a turbo-charged rant about it – be it the evils of Thatcherism, Yuppies, Clause 28 or nuclear power. This compilation features the sparkly-suited stand-up legend and Blackadder co-writer in fine form.


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Frost On Saturday 11.99 €

Frost On Saturday

The lighter side of Frost! One of the trio of Frost programmes that dominated ITV weekends in the late 1960s and early ’70s, Frost on Saturday concentrated mainly on topical interviews with entertainers and public figures. Made at a time when David Frost was working in the US and then jetting back to the UK to do three shows over the weekend, Frost on Saturday concentrates his energy into a forty minute mix of humorous interviews, debates and musical interludes with the likes of John and Yoko, The Rolling Stones (playing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ in a barnstorming performance), Edna Everage (back when she was a mere Mrs. and not a Dame!), George Best (who plays football with Frost in the studio), Frankie Howerd, Dusty Springfield, Sir John Betjeman and more. A number of editions of Frost on Saturday no longer exist – this set includes the seven surviving shows, including a special programme from November 1969 to celebrate the history of broadcasting on the first official night of colour transmissions on ITV.


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Magpie 7.99 €


A hipper, trendier, more working class version of Blue Peter, Magpie was transmitted live twice a week by Thames Television from 1968 to 1980. With its knack of tapping into the latest trends, the emphasis was firmly on fashion, music and fun and the series was presented across its 12-year run by Susan Stranks, Tony Bastable, Pete Brady, Douglas Rae, Mick Robertson, Jenny Hanley and Tommy Boyd. And not forgetting their rather portly mascot – Murgatroyd the magpie!Out of approximately 1000 episodes made, less than a hundred survive. This volume contains twelve of the best that remain – including the 1976 Christmas show and an edition transmitted live from Beaulieu Abbey. Special Features – My Brother David – this 1971 edition offers a frank and moving portrait of David, a special-needs child, as seen through the eyes of his elder sister (disc one). Nearly half an hour’s worth of orphaned film inserts from programmes that no longer exist (disc two). The first Magpie Annual in PDF format (disc two).


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Mystery And Imagination – The Complete Series 23.99 €

Mystery And Imagination - The Complete Series

This highly acclaimed anthology series presented a selection of Gothic tales by major 19th century writers. Among the adapted works featured in this collection are Robert Louis Stevenson’s nihilistic The Suicide Club, Sheridan le Fanu’s Uncle Silas, Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula and a commendably faithful adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. A distinguished cast includes Ian Holm (Chariots of Fire), Denholm Elliot (Indiana Jones), Patrick Mower (Callan) and Freddie Jones (The Elephant Man), who gives an astonishing performance as the demented barber, Sweeney Todd.This release contains every remaining episode of Mystery and Imagination and brings together all six of the feature-length teleplays produced by Thames Television between 1968 and 1970 alongside the two remaining ABC-produced episodes from 1966.Special features:• The Fall of the House of Usher and The Open Door – the two remaining, complete episodes produced by ABC in 1966 (Disc Four)• An extract from Casting the Runes – all that exists from this 1968 ABC episode (Disc Four)• Extensive image gallery (Disc One)• Episode guide booklet by Archive TV historian Andrew Pixley


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Flambards – The Complete Series 26.49 €

Flambards - The Complete Series

Christina, a recent orphan, is sent to live with her stern uncle and his sons on their estate, Flambards. There Christina gets an education on the changing face of England as technology and class differences cause strife, leading to the calamity of the first World War. Based on K.M. Peyton’s award winning trilogy of novels. Episodes Comprise: 1. Christina 2. The Blooding 3. Entry To A New World 4. Lady Bountiful 5. Point To Point 6. The Cold Light Of Day 7. Edge Of The Cloud 8. Flying High 9. Sing No Sad Songs 10. New Blood 11. Prisoners Of War 12. What Are Servants For? 13. InheritanceSpecial Features:None Listed


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