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Handgun 9.99 €


Karen Young gives a powerfully intense performance as a victim of sexual violence who turns vigilante in this hard-hitting Texas-set thriller. Handgun is written, produced and directed by British film and television veteran Tony Garnett, whose high-profile credits include Kes, Between the Lines and This Life. Handgun is featured here in a new digital remaster in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. With one broken relationship still fresh in her mind, Kathleen Sullivan is in no mood to take on a new boyfriend. Larry, however, will not tolerate sexual rebuffs; rape is his means of exercising what he regards as a male prerogative. Consumed by anger and hungry for vengeance, Kathleen now finds she must take matters into her own hands… SPECIAL FEATURES: [] Archive interview with Tony Garnett [] Original theatrical trailers [] Image gallery [] Press book PDF


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Mr. Rose – Complete Series 3 9.99 €

Mr. Rose - Complete Series 3

The enduring character of Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector Rose was first introduced in The Odd Man and It’s Dark Outside, Granada’s cult crime series of the early ’60s, and this sequel sees the acerbic detective emerging from a restless retirement to take on another set of cases.


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Keep It in the Family – Complete Series 4 10.49 €

Keep It in the Family - Complete Series 4

A resounding success over five series, this Thames comedy created by sitcom veteran Brian Cooke (Man About the House) is set in the delightfully chaotic home of Dudley and Muriel Rush, whose daughters, Jacqui and Susan, satisfy a hankering for freedom by moving into the family’s basement fl at. Dudley, a gifted cartoonist but inveterate procrastinator, finds it hard to concentrate amid the ever-increasing number of distractions – to the despair of his long-suffering boss, Duncan. But at least he can still keep an eye on his wayward daughters, and their visitors…


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Chancer 21.49 €


In his breakout television role, multiple award winner Clive Owen stars as the talented, devious and utterly charming Derek ‘Dex’ Love – a City business analyst whose brilliant career, strategised under the pseudonym ‘Stephen Crane’, is stalked by a shady past. This complete-series release revisits the fast-paced and emotionally compelling scripts that made Chancer such a critical success, brilliantly capturing the heady atmosphere – and the pitfalls – of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s’ financial free-for-all.


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Funny Man – The Complete Series 12.49 €

Funny Man - The Complete Series

Featuring a regular cast that includes Jimmy Jewel, David Schofield, Sharon Duce, Jean Boht, Pamela Stephenson and Lynda Bellingham, Funny Man charts the mixed fortunes of an extended family of music-hall entertainers in search of their big break and was based on the experience of Jewel’s father’s company of players in the 1920s and ‘30s.


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Sez Les – Volume 4 11.99 €

Sez Les - Volume 4

Sez Les was the show that firmly established Les Dawson s reputation, running for over seven years and bringing his dour, miserablist humour to a wider viewing public. Now you can rejoin the gloomy king of comedy and an array of favourite comic characters in this fourth volume, comprising series nine to eleven, along with a best of compilation show first screened in 1974. Featuring a running guest spot for comedy legend John Cleese alongside stalwart sideman Roy Barraclough, these shows offer more world-weary humour and hilarious sketches, with death-defying stunts and sleight of hand by the likes of The Great Roberto, Superflop, The Great Magico and Man of Steel. Cosmo Smallpiece is on typically lecherous form, gossiping Lancashire housewives Cissie and Ada find plenty to natter about, and we meet the dismal Desponts TV’s dullest family. Les s many guests include Dana, Henry Cooper, Clodagh Rogers, Freddie Trueman, Lynsey de Paul and Cyril Smith, MP.


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Airline – The Complete Series 22.99 €

Airline - The Complete Series

1946. The war is over… but not for everyone. Demobbed pilot Jack Ruskin (Roy Marsden The Sandbaggers) has developed a passion for aviation and he’s determined to keep flying. Unable to find work with an established civilian airline, and armed with only his demob suit and a seventy-pound gratuity, he decides to launch his own air freight company with wartime colleague Peter Witney. Boasting just one plane, Ruskin Air Services is born amid the austerity of post-war Britain… and it’s not only the Great Freeze that threatens to keep Jack’s fledgling business on the ground. Airline vividly brings to life the faltering and sometimes perilous progress of the independent airline operators of the Forties, encompassing landmark events such as the Berlin Airlift and capturing the excitement of the earliest passenger services. Richard Heffer (Colditz) and Terence Rigby (Beiderbecke) also star in this highly original series, devised and written by Wilfred Greatorex (The Power Game).


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Barbara – The Complete Series 28.99 €

Barbara - The Complete Series

BAFTA-nominated Gwen Taylor is Barbara Liversidge, a blunt-talking, heftily opinionated and occasionally ranting 52-year-old Yorkshirewoman in this hit comedy series. Barbara is the lynchpin of a mildly dysfunctional family that includes Ted, (Porridge, Allo Allo), her cab-driver husband of 35 years and a man who learned long ago to play second fiddle, neurotic daughter Linda and despised son-in-law Martin (Mark Benton); Barbara s nouveau-riche sister Jean (Sherrie Hewson – Coronation Street), is the victim of many a withering look and practised put-down, while son Neil and mother-in-law Queenie also find plenty of ways to test Barbara’s dwindling patience… Featuring a guest cast that includes Jean Alexander, Rob Brydon, Helen Atkinson-Wood, Mark Gatiss, Roy Barraclough, Bernard Cribbins and Joanna Van Gyseghem, this set comprises all three series and the pilot episode, screened as part of ITV s Comedy Firsts season in 1995.


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September Song – Complete Series 3 6.99 €

September Song - Complete Series 3

This light-hearted but often poignant drama series gave Russ Abbot his first serious TV role following resounding success with Madhouse and The Russ Abbot Show in the 1980s. Starring opposite noted actor Michael Williams, Abbot plays Ted Fenwick, a quiet schoolteacher who, after the death of his wife, renews his old friendship with stand-up comic Billy Balsam. Ted finds that his life is now inextricably bound up with that of his extrovert companion, and this third series sees the unlikely friends spending a typically eventful summer season in Cromer, where Billy has landed a job in the pier show…


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Shelley: Complete Series 5 6.99 €

Shelley: Complete Series 5

James Shelley is trying to show willing. Exasperated by his constant procrastination, wife Fran has now given him his marching orders, and there are even the rumblings of divorce proceedings. So Shelley becomes something of a regular at the ‘Easy Job’ agency in an effort to find tolerable work and win back Fran’s respect – his travails taking him from a hard day’s slog in the City to the joys of the ‘Dust-Bowl’ Burger Bar…


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