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The Seventies: The Complete Series 11.99 €

Produced by Emmy–award winning producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog, The Seventies is the second series in the acclaimed documentary strand chronicling American society and popular culture in the later twentieth century. In many ways, the 1970s were as dramatic as the 1960s. America lost its first war and endured two energy crises, and a President resigned after an unprecedented political scandal. Television tackled once-taboo subjects, while in a decade of cultural diversity, popular music enjoyed a multi-genre explosion. There was a revolution in sexual mores and gender roles; serial killings and other violent crime kept the nation on edge, and bombing, hijacking and hostage-taking introduced the world to the modern face of terrorism. This epic series uses rare archival footage and interviews with renowned journalists, historians, musicians and television artists to paint a vivid and compelling portrait of a decade of lasting consequence. The United States v. Nixon A third rate burglary leads to the only presidential resignation in American history. Television Gets Real With increasingly sophisticated programming, television finds a new maturity. Peace with Honor The country begins to come to terms with the impact of the war in Vietnam. Terrorism: At Home and Abroad The birth and evolution of terrorism as we know it today. What’s Goin’ On Pop music explodes into new genres, as established artists find new creative voice. The State of the Union is Not Good America seems to go from bad to worse as the country careens from crisis to crisis. Battle of the Sexes America undergoes a seismic shift in sexual mores, customs and gender roles. Crimes and Cults An unprecedented wave of violent crime grips America.


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Antony and Cleopatra 9.99 €

Trevor Nunn directs Richard Johnson and Oscar-nominee Janet Suzman in this landmark production of Shakespeare’s tragedy of power and passion in Ancient Egypt. First broadcast in 1974 and based on Nunn’s celebrated staging with the Royal Shakespeare Company, its intensity and originality raised the bar for small-screen adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays. Emphasising the futility of the protagonists’ unworldly love against the coldly calculating might of Octavian, adopted son of Julius Caesar, this intimately staged production earned a BAFTA award for director Jon Scoffield, with Janet Suzman receiving a BAFTA nomination for her mesmerising portrayal of the doomed Egyptian queen. Antony and Cleopatra also features early appearances by Ben Kingsley, Tim Pigott-Smith and Patrick Stewart – who won universal praise in the role of Antony’s loyal, agonised confidante, Enobarbus.


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The Wonder Kid 9.99 €

This wonderfully warm and moving drama features Bobby Henrey, the young star of Carol Reed’s The Fallen Idol, Muriel Aked and Oscar nominee Oskar Werner in the story of an exploited child prodigy whose unhappy existence is transformed by the daring plan of his loving governess. Featuring Robert Krasker’s gorgeous cinematography, The Wonder Kid is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Orphan Sebastian Giro, a famous and gifted child pianist, leads an unnatural, highly restricted existence in the clutches of his crooked manager, Mr Gorik. When Miss Frisbie, Sebastian’s elderly English governess, confronts Gorik about his activities, he threatens to dismiss her from her position. Undaunted, the kindly old lady enlists the help of a gang of small-time crooks, and plots a dramatic ruse that will change Sebastian’s life forever… SPECIAL FEATURES: Clean, textless titles German titles Image gallery Original promotional PDFs


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Spring Meeting 5.99 €

Hitchcock heroine Nova Pilbeam demonstrates her considerable flair for comedy in this incredibly popular wartime adaptation of the hit play by Irish author Molly Keane (a.k.a. M.J. Farrell) and John Perry. Co-starring Michael Wilding, Basil Sydney and Margaret Rutherford, Spring Meeting – released in America as Three Wise Brides – is featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements, in its original aspect ratio. Tiny Fox-Collier and her son, Tony, are broke. A cheery and handsome young man about town, Tony knows he can rely on his mother for a brainwave to save them from utter destitution. This she has: a visit is scheduled to the Irish country estate of her old flame Sir Richard Furze, now a wealthy widower with two daughters. But while Tiny is determined to see her son marry the beautiful but haughty Joan, it seems Tony only has eyes for Joan’s spirited younger sister, Baby…


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The Phantom Light 9.99 €

A witty, spooky and fabulously atmospheric comedy-thriller, The Phantom Light was an early feature from British film legend Michael Powell. With leading roles for the multi-talented Binnie Hale and endlessly popular character player Gordon Harker, this classic Gainsborough feature is presented here in a transfer from original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Standing on a lonely stretch of the Welsh coast, the North Stack Lighthouse has an unhappy notoriety: its light sometimes fails and more than one ship has been wrecked on the treacherous coastline. When new keeper Sam Higgins arrives, he scoffs at the locals’ tales of a ‘haunted’ light – until he finds out that a former keeper was murdered and another driven insane… SPECIAL FEATURES: Image gallery Original pressbook PDF


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The Solitary Child 8.99 €

Horror icon Barbara Shelley takes an early starring role as a top model whose marriage sends shockwaves through Society in this gripping mystery drama from the late 1950s. Adapted from the novel by Nina Bawden and directed by Gerald Thomas, The Solitary Child is featured in a brand-new digital transfer in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. The marriage of Harriet, a celebrated London model, to Captain James Random causes a sensation: only two years previously, the gentleman farmer was acquitted in rather dubious circumstances of the murder of his fi rst wife – and there is still a widespread suspicion among the public that Random is a man who ‘got away with it’…


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Tamahine 9.99 €

When her father dies, Tamahine, a lovely young half-Polynesian girl, is sent to England to visit her father’s cousin, headmaster of a celebrated boys’ public school. She has a disturbing influence on boys and masters alike, however, with all and sundry falling under the spell of her natural beauty and charm! This sparkling comedy stars Nancy Kwan as the free-spirited Tamahine, with Dennis Price as the staid guardian who is both bewitched and inspired by her presence. Boasting an equally strong supporting cast, the film earned a BAFTA nomination for Geoffrey Unsworth, the double-Oscar winning cinematographer whose credits include Cabaret, Tess and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Tamahine is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited aspect ratio.


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Justice – The Complete Third Series 12.49 €

Margaret Lockwood, one of British film’s greatest stars, takes the role of a no-nonsense female barrister in this compelling courtroom drama series from the makers of Yorkshire Television’s similarly themed The Main Chance. Introducing charming, ambitious young barrister James Eliot – played by Anthony Valentine – this third and final series also includes guest appearances by Anton Rodgers, Barbara Shelley and future Gentle Touch lead Jill Gascoine, among others. Harriet Peterson is intuitive, tenacious and highly principled – qualities that have helped her succeed spectacularly in a world still largely dominated by men. But while Harriet’s commitment to her profession remains undiminished through a range of typically challenging cases, her personal life grows ever more complicated… and this time, it seems there’s no going back.


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My Irish Molly 9.99 €

Binkie Stuart, a child star whose career briefly flourished before the outbreak of war in 1939, takes the titular role in this heart-warming musical charting the adventures of a little orphan girl in the difficult days of pre-war Ireland. Starring alongside Hollywood siren Maureen O’Hara in an early role, Britain’s answer to Shirley Temple plays a spirited young girl left in the clutches of a cruel guardian aunt.The only known existing British version of this film is the re-release, edited down to favour O’Hara (then a major star) rather than Binkie. Luckily, the edited material was preserved and this is included as a special feature. My Irish Molly is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the re-release film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.SPECIAL FEATURE13 minutes of deleted scenes [part mute], including the original titles


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Freedom of the Seas 5.99 €

Character player Clifford Mollison and celebrated playwright and actor H.F. Maltby are among the cast of this sprightly early-thirties comedy charting the exploits of an unlikely wartime hero. Freedom of the Seas – also notable as French director Marcel Varnel’s first British film following a period in Hollywood – is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Mollison plays Smith, a mild-mannered clerk who becomes one of the first men to join up after the declaration of war in 1914. He joins the Navy, and – to the amazement of all and sundry – succeeds in outwitting various spies and sinking an enemy submarine… Special Features: Image Gallery Promotional Materials PDFs


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