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That’S My Boy 6.99 €

Sitcom legend Mollie Sugden (Are You Being Served?) stars as Ida Willis, a fear-inspiring housekeeper who finds herself in a rather unusual situation when she goes to work for doctor Robert Price and his model wife, Angie: having moved into the couple’s London flat, she gradually realises that Robert is, in fact, the son she gave up for adoption as a baby. Once she’s got over the shock, Ida starts to make her maternal presence felt, and Robert’s adoptive mother finds that she suddenly has some very unwelcome competition…Written by Pam Valentine and Michael Ashton (You’re Only Young Twice), That’s My Boy was an enduring success for Yorkshire Television, running for five series and a Christmas special between 1981 and 1986. This release contains the complete first series.


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Four Idle Hands – The Complete Series 6.99 €

Maybe we’re not ready for the outside world. Is the outside world ready for us? This light-hearted series, aimed at teenage viewers, charts the unsteady progress of Mike and Pete, two 16-year-old school-leavers who are suddenly forced to ponder the bewildering but urgent question: what are they going to do for a living? As Mike and Pete’s efforts to avoid the dole queue land them a succession of disastrous jobs, 4 Idle Hands humorously details the unremitting difficulties of adolescence. First screened in 1976, the series features an early TV role for future Quadrophenia and EastEnders star Phil Daniels alongside Ray Burdis, and with George Innes, Royston Tickner and Howard Goorney taking on the principal adult roles. The series is available here for the first time on DVD. Life’s never been easy for school-leavers, and Mike Dudds and Pete Sutton are no different to millions of others. Neither has a vocation to follow, or any demonstrable skills. Their sense of responsibility is slowly maturing, but they still can’t resist practical jokes – like wrapping a master’s car in toilet rolls. They are the despair of the careers officer, and find themselves drifting from job to job – Mike reluctant to use his keen intellect, and Pete with his head filled with romantic but highly unlikely ambitions.


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Peak Practice – Series 6 9.99 €

Filmed amid the breathtaking scenery of the Peak District, Peak Practice was one of ITV’s most popular shows, with regular viewing figures of around 15 million and frequent appearances in ITV’s Top Ten. This sixth series of the hit drama once again features the much-loved team of doctors Erica Matthews (Saskia Wickham – Anna Karenina), Andrew Attwood (Gary Mavers – Casualty) and David Shearer (Adrian Lukis – Pride and Prejudice) as they face fresh challenges at The Beeches; Clive Swift (Keeping Up Appearances, The Old Guys) joins the cast as scheming, hypochondriac pharmacist Norman Shorthose.As the series begins, the surgery is besieged by terrified parents clamouring for their children to be vaccinated after a meningitis outbreak claims the lives of two local youngsters. The normally bustling village of Cardale assumes an air of ghostly stillness as children are kept indoors, while the GPs face an uphill struggle persuading the local health authority chief to part with the funds needed for more vaccine…


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Queenie’s Castle – The Complete Series 10.49 €

Diana Dors stars as glamorous matriarch Queenie Shepherd, who rules the roost in Margaret Rose House in the Buckingham Flats development in Yorkshire, sharing her home with her three wayward princelings Raymond, Douglas and Bunny and brother-in-law Jack. While Queenie’s husband is mysteriously absent, her beloved boys are involved in all manner of dodgy activities and no Shepherd is a stranger to the local magistrates’ court; in fact, there are quite a few residents – neighbour Mrs. Petty for one – who would be heartily relieved to see the back of them… although the landlord of The Builders’ Arms would probably be forced to seek an alternative income!


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Ghost Squad – Series 1-3 – Complete 35.99 €

The complete adventures of the agents of Scotland Yard’s secret undercover crime unit, dubbed The Ghost Squad.Season 1 Episodes:1. Ticket For Blackmail2. Bullet With My Name On It3. Hong Hong Story4. High Wire5. The Broken Doll6. The Eyes Of The Bat7. Still Waters8. Assassin9. Death From A Distance10. Million Dollar RansomSeason 2 Episodes:1. The Green Shoes2. Catspaw3. The Princess4. The Big Time5. Death Of A Sportman6. Interrupted Requiem7. East Of Mandalay8. Escape Route9. The Last Jump10. Polsky11. The Heir Apparent12. The Magic Bullet13. The Menacing Mazurka14. The Retirement Of The Gentle Dove15. Mr. Five Percent16. Gertrude17. Sabotage18. The 13th Girl19. Sentences Of Death20. The Grand Duchess21. The Desperate Diplomat22. Hot Money23. Quarantine At Kavar24. The Golden Silence25. Lost In Transit26. The Man With The Delicate Hands27. The Missing People28. PG729. A First Class Way To Die


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Twelfth Night 6.99 €

Identical mixed-sex twins, separated during a shipwreck, both believe the other dead. When Viola dresses as her ‘dead’ brother for better protection, little does she realise that her living brother will be on the scene as well.In 1969 this version of William Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT reached U.K. television screens. The production, which was directed by John Dexter and John Sichel, includes an all-star cast, with Alec Guinness in the role of Malvolio and Joan Plowright playing Viola.


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River of Darkness 3.99 €

Dark action flick starring many of WWE’s finest, including Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash (The Punisher). Small town sheriff, Will Logan (Angle), is forced to fight for his home town when evil arises from the murky river through the spirits of the murdered Jacobs boys, a trio of local squatters. Will is forced to uncover the town’s corrupt secrets in order to save the local people from the boys’ supernatural and chilling revenge.

Koch Media

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