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DC Legends Of Tomorrow – Season 2 23.99 €

After the defeat of the immortal villain Vandal Savage and the corrupt Time Masters who colluded with him, a new threat emerges. Dr. Nate Heywood (new series regular NICK ZANO), an unconventional and charming historian, is thrust into the action upon making a shocking discovery – the Legends of Tomorrow are scattered throughout time. Nate must find a way to rescue the Waverider’s beloved team of heroes and rogues, including Star City inventor Ray Palmer (series star BRANDON ROUTH), who has created an exo-suit with the power to shrink him to miniscule size, as the Atom; Sara Lance (series star CAITY LOTZ), a trained assassin known as the White Canary; Professor Martin Stein (series strar VICTOR GARBER) and Jefferson Jax Jackson (series star FRANZ DRAMEH), who together form the metahuman Firestorm; and career criminal Mick Rory (series star DOMINIC PURCELL), aka Heat Wave. When the Legends encounter the Justice Society of America (precursor to DC’s Justice League) in the 1940s, Amaya Jiwe (new series regular MAISIE RICHARDSON-SELLERS), aka Vixen, joins the team. While the team reunites, a mystery looms – the fate of former captain Rip Hunter (series star ARTHUR DARVILL). Once reunited, the Legends continue their new mission to protect the timeline from temporal aberrations – unusual changes to history that spawn potentially catastrophic consequences. When Heywood, the grandson of J.S.A. member Commander Steel, unexpectedly finds himself with powers, he must overcome his own insecurities and find the hero within himself. Ultimately, the Legends will clash with foes both past and present, to save the world from a mysterious new threat.

Warner Home Video

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Batman Vs. Two-Face (Artcards) 15.49 €

Former Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent, one side of his face scarred by acid, goes on a crime spree based on the number ‘2’. All of his actions are decided by the flip of a defaced, two-headed silver dollar.

Warner Home Video

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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix 2016 Edition 14.49 €

The rebellion begins! Lord Voldemort has returned, but the Ministry of Magic is doing everything it can to keep the wizarding world from knowing the truth – including appointing Ministry official Dolores Umbridge as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. When Umbridge refuses to teach practical defensive magic, Ron and Hermione convince Harry to secretly train a select group of students for the wizarding war that lies ahead. A terrifying showdown between good and evil awaits in this enthralling film version of the fifth novel in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Prepare for battle!

Warner Home Video

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Godzilla 11.99 €

Disfruta del renacimiento del personaje icónico de Toho, Godzilla, en una increíble aventura de la mano de Warner Bros. Pictures y Legendary Pictures enfrenta al monstruo más famoso del mundo contra malévolas criaturas que, respaldadas por la arrogancia científica de la humanidad, amenazan nuestra existencia.Gareth Edwards dirige Godzilla, que cuenta con Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) como protagonista, Ken Watanabe (El último Samurai, Origen), ganador de un Oscar, Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene), Juliette Binoche (El Paciente Inglés, Cosmopolis), ganadora de un Oscar, y Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) con David Strathairn (Buenas Noches, y Buena Suerte., El Legado de Bourne), nominado a un Oscar, y Bryan Cranston (Argo, TV’s Breaking Bad).

Warner Home Video

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Fringe: La serie completa 61.99 €

Explora la delgada línea entre la ciencia ficción y la realidad, donde monstruos híbridos escapan por los alcantarillados, los ladrones caminan por las paredes y los portales se abren a universos paralelos, en esta colección completa de la alucinante y aclamada serie de tv. Incapaz de patrullar un mundo donde la ciencia ha avanzado más allá de nuestros sueños más osados – y pesadillas- la agente especial del FBI Olivia Dunham recluta a un científico excéntrico, Walter Bishop y a su hijo todopoderoso, Peter, para investigar incidentes paranormales que desafían la lógica humana y desconcertantes sucesos que amenazan nuestra existencia en el mundo. Cuando ocurre lo inimaginable, ellos harán por detenerlo.

Warner Home Video

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The Zoo Gang: The Complete Series 23.99 €

Four veterans of the French Resistance, reunited nearly thirty years after the war, join forces to meet adventure, danger and excitement in this hit series based on Paul Gallico’s best-selling novel. Starring Brian Keith, John Mills, Lilli Palmer and Barry Morse, The Zoo Gang has been newly remastered in HD from the original 35mm film elements for this Blu-ray edition it has certainly never looked better! Special Features: 60 second trailers for each episode Commercial Break Bumpers Damaged section (from The Counterfeit Trap) Monochrome Mute Takes (from The Twisted Cross) Monochrome and Colour Mute Title Sequence Offcuts Extensive Image Galleries


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The Professionals: Mk II 30.99 €

Long-awaited, long-overdue: The Professionals as you have never seen them before. Bodie and Doyle need little by way of introduction, but if the series had at all escaped you since its debut in 1977 their boss George Cowley, head of CI5, couldn’t put it more succinctly than his opening gambit: anarchy, acts of terror, crimes against the public. To combat it I’ve got special men – experts from the army, the police, from every service. These are The Professionals . Featuring the perfect ensemble cast of Martin Shaw, Gordon Jackson (completely against type here) and the much-missed Lewis Collins, the series ran for 57 action-packed episodes and made an immediate impact on British and then international audiences which has sustained 35 years. But the series has never looked this good. Painstakingly restored from the camera-original negatives the series could have been made yesterday. No matter how many times you have seen The Professionals, this is a new experience, like seeing it for the first time. Features: Brand-new, High Definition restorations of all 13 episodes in series two from the camera-original negatives Brand-new 5.1 tracks from original sound elements Remastered original as-broadcast mono tracks Remastered music-only tracks featuring Laurie Johnson’s original scores HD photo galleries featuring hundreds of rare and previously unseen images All episodes are presented in their original production order PDF material featuring scripts and memorabilia Archive footage featuring additional material, advert break bumpers, US sales trailer and more English HOH subtitles


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Animal Farm 11.49 €

An outstanding achievement for award-winning animators John Halas and Joy Batchelor, this landmark adaptation brilliantly conveys the horror and humour of George Orwell’s scathing satire. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the film is featured here in a new transfer made from original film elements. Inspired by the dream of Old Major, a prize boar, the overworked animals of Manor Farm rise up against their negligent, drunken owner and drive him out. Led by two young pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, they establish their own self-sufficient farm, but as the farm flourishes it begins to slide into dictatorship… Bonus Features: Commentary with Brian Sibley Down On Animal Farm Storyboards Character Sketches Poster Gallery Clapperboard extract Image Gallery PDF Material


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Hell Drivers 14.99 €

This tremendous hard-boiled action thriller from Zulu director Cy Endfield features memorable performances from both Stanley Baker and Patrick McGoohan as rival drivers for a ruthless road-haulage company. An outstanding cast includes Herbert Lom, Peggy Cummins, William Hartnell, Sid James, Gordon Jackson and Wilfrid Lawson, with early appearances from Sean Connery and David McCallum. Hell Drivers is featured here in a stunning new High Definition transfer from the original film elements, in its original aspect ratio. When ex-con Tom Yately signs up as a driver for Hawlett’s, he uncovers shady dealings between the manager and the viciously ambitious head driver the drivers are paid per trip, with a bonus system encouraging them to drive at reckless speeds and take dangerous risks. The stakes are raised when a fatal accident claims the life of Tom’s only workplace ally, and he vows to take revenge. SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary with Sound Assistant Harry Fairbairn and journalist Andrew Robertson Theatrical Trailer (HD) Look In On Hell Drivers The Stanley Baker Story Full Screen Ahead (HD) Galleries (HD) and PDFs Danger Man with Patrick McGoohan: Loyalty Always Pays Stanley Baker archive interview (1960s) Who Killed Lamb? with Stanley Baker Stanley Baker plaque news footage Return to the Rhondda documentary Booklet


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