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John Wick: Chapter Two – 4K Ultra HD 26.49 €

In this next chapter following the 2015 hit, legendary hitman John Wick [Keanu Reeves] is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world’s deadliest killers. Click Images to Enlarge

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Blade Runner – The Final Cut 11.99 €

Una película con efectos visuales espectaculares, cargada de intensa acción y con una poderosa declaración profética desde su estreno, Blade Runner regresa con el corte final definitivo de Ridley Scott que incluye escenas extendidas y efectos hasta nunca antes vistos. En su papel original como detective del siglo XXI, Harrisson Ford acerca su presencia masculina aunque vulnerable a este estiloso thriller noir. En un futuro de tecnología avanzada agravada por el deterioro urbano y social Deckard sale a la caza de réplicas fugitivas y asesinas – y es atraído por una mujer misteriosa cuyos secretos le socavaran el alma.

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Towering Inferno 11.49 €

The world’s tallest building is skyscraping testimony to ingenuity and innovation. In the hands of ‘Master of Disaster’ film producer Irwin Allen (The Poseidon Adventure), it’s also the world’s tallest matchstick. An all-star cast gathers for this tall story of lofty dimensions: eight Academy Award nominations and three Oscars. On the night of the building’s dedication, fire erupts, trapping people on the upper floor… and igniting multiple tales of heroism and loss involving a firefighter, and architect and other caught in the steel-and-glass inferno. Special Features: Interactive Menus Scene Access Trailer.

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10,000 BC 3.99 €

From Roland Emmerich, Director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, comes an awesome new action movie where one man must battle pre-historic predators and fearsome sabre tooth tigers in a bid to survive and win back his tribe’s freedom.This incredible special-effects spectacle follows the journey of D’Leh (Steven Strait), our hero, who must cross un-chartered territory, form an army and discover an advanced lost civilisation before he can fight for his people’s freedom, and become the champion of time when legend began.

Warner Home Video

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Interstellar – 4K Ultra HD 23.99 €

From director Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy) comes the story of a team of pioneers undertaking the most important mission in human history. Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey stars as ex-pilot-turned-farmer Cooper, who must leave his family and a foundering Earth behind to lead an expedition traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars. Academy Award ® winner Anne Hathaway and Academy Award ® nominee Jessica Chastain also star in the landmark film Lou Lumenick of the New York Post calls “one of the most exhilarating film experiences so far this century”. Features: OVER THREE HOURS OF SPECIAL FEATURES, INCLUDING:• Plotting an Interstellar Journey – Origins, influences and narrative designs Shooting in Iceland: Miller’s Planet/Mann’s Planet – Creating two vastly different worlds in one country• Celestial Landmarks – How practical special effects give the illusion of real space travel Miniatures in Space – Explore the large-scale models used in the film AND MORE!

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The Goalie’s Anxiety At The Penalty Kick 10.99 €

A loose adaptation of a novelette by author Peter Handke, this early effort from director Wim Wenders follows penalized goalie as he makes his way through the city after missing penalty kick and getting suspended from a game.

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Smallville – Series 8 – Complete 21.49 €

There’s a new reporter at the Daily Planet: Clark Kent, who shares a workspace with Lois Lane. There’s a new hero in Metropolis, too. No one knows who he is. But Jimmy Olsen was on the scene of one of the do-gooder’s exploits, and he snapped a blurred photo of the hero in superspeed action – a hero everyone now calls the Red-Blue Blur. Red-jacketed, blue-shirted Clark Kent draws closer to his Superman destiny in the exciting 22-episode, 6-disc Season 8 of Smallville. Another Kryptonian destiny also takes shape.

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The Matrix 11.99 €

Perception: The Everyday World is Real. Reality: That World is a hoax, an elaborate deception spun by all-powerful machines of artificial intelligence that control us.Mind blowing stunts. Techno-slamming visuals. Megakick action. Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne lead the fight to free humankind in The Matrix, the cyber thriller that you will watch again and again. Written and Directed by the Wachowski brothers (Bound), the story sears, the special effects stake out new movie-making territory – the movie leaves you breathless.

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Clash Of The Titans 11.49 €

You’ve visited lands where a cyclops roams (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad), skeletons duel (Jason and the Argonauts) and cowboys lasso dinosaurs (The Valley of Gwangi). They are the worlds of Ray Harryhausen, the stop-motion effects master who creates another dazzling realm in Clash of the Titans.Olympian gods, mythological monsters and heroic mortals populate this imaginative spectacle. Harry Hamlin is Perseus, mortal son of Zeus (Laurence Olivier) and champion of captive Andromeda (Judi Bowker). From that storyline, Harryhausen unleashes sea creature Kraken, snake-haired Medusa, swamp denizen Calibos, flying horse Pegasus, two-headed dog Dioskilos, giant scorpions and all manner of eye-popping adventure. Let the clash begin!

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