TV Geek – The Den of Geek Guide for the Netflix Generation (Paperback) 19.49 €

TV Geek - The Den of Geek Guide for the Netflix Generation (Paperback)

Essential nerdtastic reading! – Jason Issacs From the author of Den of Geek, this is the ultimate, nerdy television guide for TV geeks everywhere! TV Geek recounts the fascinating stories of cult-classic series, reveals the nerdy Easter eggs hidden in TV show sets, and demonstrates the awe-inspiring power of fandom, which has even been known to raise TV series from the dead. Includes: How the live-action Star Wars TV show fell apart The logistics and history of the crossover episode The underrated geeky TV shows of the 1980s The hidden details of Game of Thrones Five Scandinavian crime thrillers that became binge hits The Walking Dead, and the power of fandom TV series are now as big as Hollywood movies with their big budgets, massive stars, and ever-growing audience figures! TV Geek provides an insightful look at the fascinating history, facts and anecdotes behind the greatest (and not-so-great) shows.


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