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Hollywood Box Set (Julia, Glengarry Glen Ross, Long Hot Summer) 13.99 €

THE HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS AL PACINO HEADS A STUNNING STAR-STUDDED CAST… Close the deal…or you re history. The stakes couldn t be higher for four desperate Chicago real-estate salesmen: close the deal or lose your job. David Mamet s famously profanity-laden screenplay based on his own Pulitzer Prize-winning play ferociously nails the dog-eat-dog world where lies, flattery, threats, theft and bribery rule supreme as the four salesman scrabble to thrash the opposition and keep their livelihoods. But who will survive? Will it be top closer Ricky Roma? Has-been Shelley The Machine Levene? Timid no-hoper George Aaronow? Big-mouth Dave Moss? Or does ruthless office manager Williamson hold all the trump cards? Al Pacino, who earned both Academy Award® and Golden Globe® nominations for his powerhouse performance, heads a fabulous cast of big-name stellar talent, including Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Jonathan Pryce and Jack Lemmon (who won the Volpi Cup – Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival). JULIA Fred Zinnemann’s last great movie. Based on part of Lillian Hellman’s memoir, the film stars Jane Fonda as Hellman as she recounts her friendship with the enigmatic JULIA, played by Vanessa Redgrave. Fonda gives a gutsy performance, playing well with Redgrave and, to a greater degree, Jason Robards, who plays Dashell Hammett. Alvin Sargent’s screenplay cleverly bends time, jumping back and forth as the story of Hellman’s friendship with Julia is told and Zinnemann creates a melancholy feel that’s sustained throughout. The excellent music by Georges Delerue is haunting and the cinematography by Douglas Slocombe is beautiful. The supporting cast features Meryl Streep as Anne Marie, Maximillian Schell as Johann, Cathleen Nesbitt as Julia’s grandmother, Rosemary Murphy as Dorothy Parker and Hal Holbrook as Parker’s husband Alan Campbell. THE LONG HOT SUMMER Paul Newman plays Ben Quick, the mysterious drifter who stirs up a town and its women when he hitches up in Frenchman s Bend, Mississippi, where life is dominated by elderly patriarch Will Varner (Orson Welles). Will s daughter Clara (Joanne Woodward) and son Jody (Anthony Franciosa) are a disappointment to him. While Jody spends his time fooling around with his alluring wife, Eula (Lee Remick), the strong-willed Clara is courted by Alan Stewart (Richard Anderson), a milquetoast mama s boy. Will himself is resisting being pressured into marriage by his long-term mistress Minnie (Angela Lansbury), but he sees in Ben the passion and drive that Jody lacks. He invites Ben to live with the family, and Ben launches a relentless campaign to break Clara s will and win her heart. This proves the final straw for Jody, who is driven to desperate measures to prove his manhood a situation that sparks both deadly danger and shocking revelations over the course of one long, hot summer.


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Dangerous Indiscretions: The Downfall of the House of Windsor 10.49 €

Throughout the history of the British monarchy, indiscretions and hastily covered up naughtiness have blighted the ruling families. Lust and power are two words almost inseparable. Henry VIII started the Church of England because he’d had enough of his wife. King Edward VIII abdicated for the woman he loved. Prince Charles married the first time – but not the woman he loved and continued to be linked to. Sarah Ferguson enjoyed having her toes sucked by her financial adviser.v Then there’s the late Diana. It could be claimed that her romantic involvements led to her untimely death – with her extra-curricular activities causing a media scrum wherever she went – a frenzy that would eventually kill her. This in-depth documentary looks at the scandals that have blighted the credibility and popularity of the royal family through the ages, right up to the more recent controversies surrounding Diana, Fergie and Camilla.


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A Song for the Season 7.99 €

When Cal (Gerald McRaney) and his niece Fern (Alison Pill) move to Bethlehem, Kentucky, they are lacking Christmas spirit. Cal must tackle the depressing job of digging the school district out of a deep financial hole while Fern is angry about yet another move, this time to the home of her eccentric grandfather (Andy Griffith). But when they meet the lovely music teacher, Lily Waite (Naomi Judd), both Cal and Fern have a change of heart. Fern begins to take an interest in music again a passion of her late mother’s and Cal takes an interest in Lily. Life seems perfect for everyone until Cal’s job forces him to make a decision that might change everything.


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The Queen: Her True Story 10.49 €

With extensive coverage of the early years of Elizabeth’s life, this is an updated look at the life of Britain’s monarch. The Queen’s stability has allowed Britain to shed an empire and create a new and prosperous identity quite against all the odds and expectations of most leading commentators. This is the story of a remarkable life of a remarkable woman. When Elizabeth became Queen the British Empire was turning into a Commonwealth. After the Second World War and the new Labour Government, Britain was changing fast.Her family has been surrounded by gossip, though her own long marriage to Philip has largely escaped this. The Queen’s stability and continuity has allowed Britain to shed an empire and create a new and prosperous identity quite against all the odds and expectations of most leading commentators. From Churchill to Blair, and presiding over a country immeasurably different since the start of her reign, Queen Elizabeth’s achievement may now be seen.


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The Norman Conquests – The Complete Series 9.99 €

This masterly adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn’s celebrated trio of plays encompasses a remarkable range of talent – from multi-award-winning producers Verity Lambert and David Susskind, to a cast that includes Tom Conti, Penelope Keith, Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton. Employing a typically inventive device (which Ayckbourn would further explore in 1999 with the simultaneous staging of the two-act House and Garden), the trilogy presents a comically fraught weekend from three different perspectives, as family and in-laws gather at the decaying country home of their bedridden mother, the drink flows, and hidden enmities, intimate secrets and uncomfortable truths emerge through the veneer of jollity and civility. The Norman Conquests was phenomenally successful both in London’s West End in 1974 and on Broadway the following year, and this Thames production similarly triumphed at the BAFTA Awards in 1977, earning Keith an award for Best Actress and a joint nomination for Best Drama Series for Lambert and director Herbert Wise.


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Peak Practice: The Complete Series 1-7 91.99 €

Filmed amid the breathtaking scenery of the Peak District and focusing on both the professional and personal challenges facing the team of doctors at a busy village surgery, Peak Practice was one of ITV’s most popular shows, with regular viewing figures of around 15 million and frequent appearances in ITV’s Top Ten. Initially starring Kevin Whately, Amanda Burton and Simon Shepherd – with later series featuring Gary Mavers, Saskia Wickham, Haydn Gwynne and Joseph Millson – this set contains the complete first seven series of this much-loved, award-winning show. Jack Kerruish treats his last patient at the African clinic he has built up from scratch and relocates to The Beeches surgery in the Peak District village of Cardale. It’s just what he’s been looking for, but the senior partner – Dr. Beth Glover – is less than impressed with him. They are forced to work alongside each other, however, when an emergency situation involving two local youngsters arises…


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Wood And Walters – The Complete Series 13.99 €

Victoria Wood and Julie Walters drew on their long friendship to create this BAFTA-nominated series, originally transmitted in the early 1980s. Wood and Walters featured sketches, Wood’s trademark songs, weekly guidance from Walters’ fearsome agony aunt Dorothea Chubb, and special guests including Rik Mayall, John Dowie and long-term associate Duncan Preston. Ably showcasing the individual strengths of both performers, Wood and Walters confirmed Victoria Wood as a leading comedy writer and brought her subtle, sharply observed humour to the attention of the wider viewing public. This complete series features all seven shows plus the pilot – Two Creatures Great and Small – from New Year’s Day, 1981.


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The Army Game – Complete Series Box Set 30.99 €

A colossal success in its day, The Army Game features the humorous shenanigans of a mismatched bunch of National Service conscripts assigned to the Surplus Ordnance Department at Nether Hopping.The series – which ran for 154 episodes over five years – showcases the talents of Alfie Bass as Private Excused Boots Bisley and Bill Fraser as Sgt. Major Snudge, with William Hartnell as the terrifying Sgt. Major Bullimore. After the first episode in June 1957 the sho rapidly became a national phenomenon, spawning a spin-off series, movies, a hit single and even a board game!This set comprises every episode remaining in the archives, along with special features that include an excerpt from the 1960 Granada TV pantomime, Bootserella , and a 1963 episode of the sequel, Bootsie and Snudge.Special Features:None Listed


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A Prime Minister On Prime Ministers 7.99 €

Veteran television interviewer and presenter Sir David Frost is the only person to have interviewed all six British prime ministers in office between 1964 and 2007, and all US presidents from 1969 to the present. His fearlessly incisive approach is legendary and, just six months after his monumental encounter with former president Richard Nixon on American television, he presented this unique series in which the Rt. Hon. Harold Wilson was invited to discuss Brit i s h prime ministers of the recent and distant past.Special Features:None Listed


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Pipkins – Series 3 11.99 €

It’s… Time for another volume of Pipkins!Disc OneAn Old Glass DoorJohnny’s Flat, Hartley’s OfficeDeath of a GoldfishMoving OutHartley and the DogThe Haunted HouseAll That GlittersThe MonsterDisc TwoA Day With the ScrapmanWhy Can’t Teddy Go Home?Topov Asks WhyTopov the LookoutHartley LaureateThe AllotmentA Play for TortoiseA Bed for Mrs. MuddleSpecial Features:Inigo Pipkin excerpts and PDF materialIt’s not fair-an almost-complete Pipkins episode from 1976


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