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Night Train To Lisbon 7.99 €

Night Train To Lisbon

After having saved a beautiful Portuguese woman from leaping to her death, Latin Professor Raimund Gregorius (Jeremy Irons) stumbles upon a mesmerizing book by a Portuguese author, which compels him to suddenly abandon his boring life and embark on an enthralling adventure. In search of the author, Gregorius acts as detective and begins to piece together an epic story of oppression and revolution, loyalty and betrayal, love and jealousy, all played out against the backdrop of a brutal fascist dictatorship. His exploration of the author’s life evolves into a liberating journey of self-discovery and Gregorius finds that life can change in an instant.


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The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Perrin 15.49 €

The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Perrin

The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin is the complete collection of all three series of this iconic cult comedy show, containing all twenty one episodes, as well as seven from The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin, a follow on program after the sudden death of Leonard Rossiter (and his character Reginald Perrin) and a short five minute sketch entitled The Funny Side Of Christmas.


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Blackadder Christmas Carol 7.49 €

Blackadder Christmas Carol

“…IT POINTS TO THE VERY CLEAR LESSON THAT BAD GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN!” – Ebenezer Blackadder Dickens’ classic tale of kindness, truth and virtue has now been completely mucked up and ruined by having a member of the Blackadder family involved. Also Baldrick, of course, the man you can rely on to turn a Christmas dinner into a dog’s dinner, as long as the dog isn’t particularly fussy. Stuffed with deeply horrid people (many of whom are gigantically fat) and groaning with cartloads of seasonal bottom jokes, it manages to squeeze in not only a Victorian Blackadder but also his famous Elizabethan, Regency and Space Age relatives into a huge pie of entertainment that will satisfy all but the most discriminating viewers. Not suitable for beadles, orphans, nieces, or long dead members of the Royal Family.


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War & Peace 10.99 €

War & Peace

BASED ON THE CLASSIC NOVEL BY LEO TOLSTOY Russia 1805. When we first meet Pierre (Paul Dano), Natasha (Lily James) and Andrei (James Norton), their youthful ambition, despite their privileged circumstances, is to find meaning in their lives. Kind-hearted but awkward Pierre, the illegitimate son of Russia’s richest man, wants to change the world for the better. The beautiful and spirited Natasha is searching for true love, while handsome and gallant Andrei, frustrated with the superficiality of society, seeks a higher purpose. At the same time Napoleon’s army edges ever closer to Russia’s borders. As everything they thought they knew is thrown into question, Pierre, Andrei and Natasha find themselves in a time when Russian lives are about to change forever. EXTRAS – Making of War & Peace Featurettes


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Doctor Who Resolution (2019 Special) 19.49 €

Doctor Who Resolution (2019 Special)

As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is stirring, from across the centuries of Earth’s history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth? Bonus Features: Series 11 Lookback Resolutions – Behind the Scenes A Dalek Re-formed Closer Look


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Brittas Empire 35.99 €

Brittas Empire

In this classic TV sitcom, Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) is the manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. He means well, wants to do well and desperately wants to be a good manager. Unfortunately his best talent is to continually create recipes for total disaster. Deep down Brittas cares for his staff, but all he ever seems to do is to make their lives more difficult. Trying to rise above this, and to keep the Centre running smoothly, is his assistant Laura (Julia St. John) and of course Colin, complete with boil! Behind every good man, so the saying goes, is a good woman, and behind every maniac, is a good woman losing her sanity! Helen Brittas (Pippa Haywood) is no different as she struggles to cope with her husband’s misplaced enthusiasm. Special Features: Brittas Fitness Quiz Royal Variety Performance 1996 Brittas Management Quiz Star Profile Good Morning Interview Christmas Special 1994 Christmas Special 24th December 1996 Brittas Empire Series 4 Out-takes Where’s Ben Game Wogan Interview Stills Gallery


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Silent Witness – Series 21 14.49 €

Silent Witness - Series 21

The multi-award winning drama, Silent Witness, returns for Series 21 in 2018. Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), Jack Hodgson (David Caves), Dr Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern) and Clarissa Mullery (Liz Carr) form a committed team of forensic pathologists and scientists, trying to figure out how and why the victim died. Nikki and Jack are affected from the fallout after Mexico, while there’s a cuckoo in the nest. A series of tragic events are linked to a cyber hacking. A US Diplomat is shot dead in Central London. Care home abuse is uncovered after a road traffic accident. Festive celebrations are interrupted by the aftermath of a shooting spree at a family house.


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Catherine Tate’s Nan – The Specials 13.49 €

Catherine Tate’s Nan – The Specials

“A Laugh-Fest From Beginning To End” – The Mirror Nan’s Christmas Carol The Scrooge-like Nan welcomes the festive season with her usual mix of sweetness, sarcasm and expletives, causing an unwelcome visit from her late husband who warns her of some impending visitors. Nan Whilst Nan’s long suffering grandson Jamie is away in Africa doing voluntary work, the unfortunate Alice – from the ‘Young and Old Buddy-Up Foundation’ – is allocated to Nan to keep her company and cheer her up. Nanger Management When Nan assaults a harmless charity worker for no good reason, she gets into trouble with the Police and is forced to attend anger management classes – or face a custodial sentence. Knees Up Wilmott-Brown The freehold on Nan’s block of flats in London’s newly fashionable East End is bought up by some ruthless property developers, and all the residents join together to fight for their survival.


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Doctor Who: The Green Death 9.99 €

Doctor Who: The Green Death

Starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant.;UNIT is called in after a miner from the Welsh village of Llanfairfach is found dead, his skin glowing bright green. Jo joins forces with a local environmental group, led by Professor Clifford Jones, while the Doctor investigates the nearby plant of a company called Global Chemicals.;They discover that the mine workings are full of giant maggots and green slime – both lethal to touch – that have been produced by chemical waste pumped from the Global plant.;This special edition features improved remastering techniques and expanded special features.


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In Sickness And In Health Complete 21.49 €

In Sickness And In Health Complete

Hugely Successful sit-com that ran for 8 years, from 1985 to 1992, the sequel to Till Death Do Us Part. Written by Johnny Speight, it follows the fortunes (or mis-fortunes) of bigoted pensioner Alf Garnet, played brilliantly by Warren Mitchell. We see Alf uprooted from his Wapping home and re-located to a West Ham council flat and follow all the drama and problems he brings upon himself by his very opinionated and controversial views on.. well, everything.


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