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Star Wars Shaped Mug – R2D2 16.99 €

Bring some of R2-D2’s quick wit into the home with this brilliant Star Wars R2-D2 Shaped Mug, themed after everyone’s favourite astromech droid, R2-D2, who has been delighting and surprising audiences since he first appeared in the original Star Wars film way back in 1977. The shaped ceramic mug features intricate printed details as well as a removeable lid to keep favourite hot drinks warmer for longer, making for a typically unexpected R2-D2 twist that Star Wars fans will love.

Star Wars

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Photocall DC Comics 7.49 €

¡Un accesorio perfecto para cualquier fiesta de superhéroes! Original photocall con temática de DC Comics para crear los selfies más divertidos con tu familia y amigos. Incluye un marco con diseño de cómic y 24 accesorios variados: pelo de superhéroe, gafas, dientes, máscaras, adhesivos… ¡Que comience la fiesta! Características: Photocall DC Comics Añade una nueva dimensión a tus selfies Marco de photocall con diseño de cómic para crear fotos divertidas y originales Contiene 24 accesorios entre los que se incluyen pelo de superhéroe animado, gafas, dientes y máscaras y autoadhesivos Medidas: A: 85 cm x A: 112 cm


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Sonic Shaped Mug 16.99 €

Get your morning off to a quick start with a mug that can match your pace This speedy Sonic 3D shaped mug is molded to perfectly resemble a everyone’s favourite super-fast hedgehog, complete with hand-painted details and embossed features that fans of the classic Sonic games will love. Simply fill with your favourite hot drink to get warmed up in style.


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Marvel Spider-Man Rucksack 47.99 €

Keep your belongings secure with this awesome Marvel Spider-Man canvas rucksack featuring a stylish debossed design in the style of Spider-Man’s iconic mask. The bag is detailed throughout, even the silver zip pullers feature a Spider-Man design, which is sure to please even the most hardened Marvel fans. The rucksack benefits from two shoulder straps, a carry handle and large zip pocket on the front.


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100 Movies Bucket List Poster 15.49 €

The 100 Movies Bucket List Poster is a great gift idea for all movie buffs. The poster compiles a list of 100 great films. When you have watched them, scratch off the panel to reveal a related image. The poster includes films such as Dr Strangelove, Good Will Hunting and Gangs of New York and offers a fun memento of films watched and suggests new ones for your next movie night.

Gift Republic

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Nintendo Game Boy Watch 17.99 €

Be reminded of Mario, Donkey Kong and all your favourite Nintendo characters every time you tell the time with this super-cool, super-retro Game Boy Watch. An exact recreation of the iconic portable games console in miniature watch form, this wristwatch is the perfect gift for gamers worldwide. Plays the official Super Mario Land theme tune when the alarm sounds. The Game Boy Watch features the striking Game Boy Design and you use the actual console buttons to set the time. Featuring a grey strap, digital display and stylish design, take this watch out on your next adventure and always know what time it is. First introduced to the gaming world in 1989 (1990 in Europe), Nintendo’s Game Boy revolutionised portable gaming. Instantly becoming a hit across the world, selling over 118 million units, the Game Boy transcended gaming markets to become a definitive pop culture icon of the time. Still hugely popular and highly regarded, the Game Boy led the way for portable gaming, introducing classic games such as Tetris and Pokémon that are still universally popular in modern mobile gaming today. With its retro cool design, the distinctive build and colour of the Game Boy has widespread appeal among modern gamers and fans of the original alike. This Game Boy Watch is an officially licensed Game Boy Product.


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Marvel Spider-Man Glass 9.99 €

With great power comes great responsibility, and great drinks deserve this great Marvel Spider-Man Large Glass featuring a sandblasted gloss design that includes Spider-Man’s iconic mask. On the other side of the glass you’ll find the words, With great power comes great responsibility as said by Uncle Ben before Peter Parker famously took up crimefighting. The glass can hold up to 450ml of liquid and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


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100 Books Bucket List Poster 15.49 €

Perfect for all book-lovers, students and book club members, the Bucket List Books Poster is a list of 100 great novels. Behind every scratch-off panel is an image related to the novel to remove when they have been read. Examples of books listed on the poster include: James Joyce’s Ulysses, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Offering a great memento of past reading achievements and providing suggestions for the future, the poster is a great gift idea for all book worms. Features: 100 Books Bucket List Poster Great gift for any keen reader 100 scratch-off pictures of must-read books Presented in triangular cardboard tube

Gift Republic

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Wonder Woman Mug and Socks Set 14.49 €

After saving the world, nothing beats putting your feet up and enjoying a good cup of your favourite drink in front of the fire – so relax like a true Amazonian Superhero with this Wonder Woman Mug and Socks Set! The perfect comforting combo, the set features a standard sized mug (capacity 300ml) and a pair of medium sized ladies socks, all with the iconic blue and red Wonder Woman design. Wonder Woman, first appearing in All Star Comics in 1941 (later to form part of DC Comics) is the legendary Amazonian Princess who goes by the alter ego of Diana Prince. With her Amazonian strength and super-powered bracelets, Wonder Woman has become an enduring hero for millions of fans world-wide. Featuring in her own blockbuster movie, as well as the wider DC franchise films such as Justice League, Wonder Woman is one of the most popular characters in the DC Comics canon. Great for fans of the comic books, films and TV series, the Wonder Woman Travel Mug and Socks Set is an officially licensed DC Comics product, and is an ideal gift solution for birthdays, Christmas stocking fillers or even the office Secret Santa.


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