Bendominoes 17.99 €


Bendominoes is a twist on the classic game of dominoes. The pieces are complete with innovative curved edges, so not only do you have to match a number to either end of the chain, you have to fit each piece into the curve as well. Bendominoes offers players games that are full of strategy, luck and fun. The pieces are designed to offer you more control over the game and depending on how you set the Bendominoes out, you can enjoy your game in an open or closed position. Suitable for 2 to 4 players, it’s the perfect family game for all ages. – A.D. Features: A twist on the classic game of dominoes Simple and fun to play Curved design offers players more control over the game Players can open a line or close it off 2 to 4 player game Suitable for ages 5+

Paul Lamond Games

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