TomTom Spark 3 GPS Fitness Watch – Relojes 129.95 €

A wrist based GPS activity tracker that gives you immediate feedback, step by step of your training and active lifestyle

Multisport Modes TomTom’s Spark 3 Fitness, wrist-based activity tracker, tracks all your sports using GPS including run, bike, swim, treadmill, gym, indoor cycling and more. The device can be used to create personalised sports modes that show you the stats you need for your individual training sessions. Some of the metrics tracked, using GPS, are time, distance, speed, pace, routes, and live stats while you’re on the go. 24/7 Activity Tracker The Spark 3 isn’t just for when you’re training or competing. The tracker will also follow your activity 24/7 capturing your steps, active minutes, and calories burned throughout the day. This can give you key insights into your day’s activity so that you can push yourself to do more. Connectivity You can connect the device to your smartphone/ tablet via Bluetooth which will provide you with a huge host of extra features. You’ll gain full access to the TomTom Sports App which your performance data with download to so that you can see your tracked performance and progress over days, weeks, months and years. You can also use this connection to receive your phone’s notifications to the Spark 3’s screen so that you can stay connected while you’re on the go.