Suunto 9 GPS Multisport Watch – Relojes 499.00 €

A multi-sport watch with a wrist-based heart rate monitor, up to 80 different sport modes, and FusedTrack technology which extends your battery life for long endurance races

Intelligent Battery Suunto’s 9 comes with an all new intelligent battery with three predefined battery modes: Performance, Endurance, and Ultra. The modes provide from 25 to 120 hours of recording time with GPS tracking on. Plus, to ensure you never run out of charge, when you start recording the watch gives you an estimate of how much battery you have left in the current battery mode. You can then easily switch between modes to pre-long your battery life. FusedTrack Another addition, to prolong your battery life, is the new and unique FuseTrack system. GPS is a huge drain on your battery life and it can be difficult to use an activity tracker to accurately record distance and movement during ultra runs and other forms of long endurance races. The Suunto 9 therefore uses FuseTrack to minimise the level of GPS necessary to provide accurate tracking over long periods of time. The system uses additional, integrated sensors combined with less GPS power to track your activity with great accuracy. Multi-Sports The watch comes with 80 different built-in sport modes the watch comes with specific metrics for each sport. The modes include swimming, cycling, running, and much, much more. For example, when you are in swim mode the watch will track your: pool swim pace and distance, openwater swim pace and distance, records heart rate in swimming, swimming time by pool length, lap, and total, swimming stroke rate, count and type, automatic intervals, interval lap table, lap table for swimming analysis with stroke and pace. Heart Rate Integrated into the wrist of the watch is a heart rate monitor that provides an estimated heart rate which provides: heart rate in beats per minute, a heart rate graph in real time, calories burnt, peak training effect, and personal heart rate zones. Rugged Design Built for intense activity and various environmental conditions the Suunto 9 has been tested for thousands of hours under the toughest of conditions by top-class athletes. The watch comes with a super rugged sapphire crystal watch face that is anti-abrasive and anti-impact with a stainless-steel bezel which also provides excellent water resistance. Connectivity Using Bluetooth you can easily connect the activity tracker to your smartphone for extensive options via the Suunto app which is available in the App Store or Google Play. The app allows you to keep track off all your performance data and you can connect with others in the app and share your results. This connection also lets you receive smartphone notifications straight to your watch face including incoming call alerts, messages and social media notifications.