Suunto 3 Fitness Watch Womens – Relojes 159.95 €

A watch that not only looks good but keeps you feeling good with full activity and sleep tracking with a range or specific multisport options with an integrated, wrist-based heart rate monitor

Training Guidance Suunto’s 3 Fitness Watch comes with advanced training guidance based on your average fitness level and all your training history. The watch will automatically use past data to create a 7-day training plan with optimal duration and intensity tailor made to provide the best possible workout for you. The training plan also automatically adapts to your actual activities considering any missed or extra training your put in during the week. Multisport The watch has been specially adapted to provide activity tracking and training information for a huge variety of different sports and types of activities. You can easily keep track when you’re running, swimming, cycling, gym training, hiking and more. Integrated with a wrist-based heart rate monitor the watch can easily keep track of your speed and distance whether you’re indoors or outdoors tracking with connected GPS. Work, Play and Rest Not only built for tracking your training in sport the watch Suunto 3 Fitness Watch is built for tracking your movements all day, every day including during work, play and resting. The watch helps you to balance all aspects of your life and even tracks your sleep to ensure that you get the right amount of sleep that you need. Also using the heart rate monitor the watch will measure your stress and recovery throughout the day. Connectivity Using GPS connectivity, you can connect your watch to the Suunto app via your smartphone or tablet device that will automatically log all your activities, sleep, stress, and overall fitness. This allows you to see your progress on a larger scale looking at your activity over weeks, months, and years in Suunto App with Connected GPS.