Polar V650 without Heart Rate – Ciclocomputadores 220.99 €

Made for professional by professionals that gives you the professional data and guidance you need to take your training to the next level

OpenStreetMap To help you navigate your journey the V650 from polar comes with the OneStreetMap feature which allows you to quickly and easily download the mat data for the area in which you’re riding. The mapping allows you to track your real-time location as you move across the map which will keep you on track and allow you to focus on your actual cycling. The app is powered by over 2 million registered users across the globe which are constantly updating and correcting the maps to provide the most accurate and advanced map possible. The V650 downloads all its maps in 450 x 450km segments which is more than enough for even the fastest pro-rider for a long, long day of cycling. Training The V650 isn’t just a map for your ride but also your very own personal coach. Using GPS and a built-in barometric altimeter the device will track your movements and give you motivating advice on how to improve your cycling second, by second, turn by turn. With the Training Benefit feature you’ll receive motivating feedback straight after your ride and show the effects of the training session on your general performance. The Training Load features then provides you key information on how your training has effect your body and compares the load with different sessions. Customisable Display The 2.8inch colour, touch-screen comes with an easy to read design and features completely customisable profiles. You can choose exactly what you want to see and what you don’t. The profiles can be set up for all different types of riders including for indoors, on road, or off road. Further Metrics For even further information on your training and performance the V650 can be used with heart, speed and cadence sensors. The device is compatible with a huge range of Polar’s Bluetooth Smart sensors which can give you even further information that can help you to really analyse and boost your cycling to the next level.