K-Edge Garmin Race Mount Anodised – Soportes para ciclocomputadores 51.99 €

A mount for your Garmin cycle computer that is built to last a lifetime

K-Edge’s Garmin Race Mount Anodised comes with a rugged CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminium construction. The mount comes with a lifetime warranty with an heirloom design that is easily moved from one bike to another for a lifetime worth of use. Insert The mount comes with a co-polymer plastic ‘definitive click’ insert is designed to break in the event of a crash to protect the tabs on the back of the computer body. Compatibility The Garmin Race Mount Anodised is compatible with the following Garmin devices: Garmin 820 Garmin 520 Garmin 510 Garmin 500 Garmin 25 Garmin 20