K-Edge Combo Mount For Wahoo Bolt – Soportes para ciclocomputadores 59.95 €

A rugged combination mount that allows you to mount your Wahoo Bolt or Mini as well as a bike light or action camera

Combo Mount K-Edge’s Combo Mount for Wahoo Bolt comes with a combo design that allows you to minimise the clutter on your handlebars. The mount fits a Wahoo Bolt or Wahoo Mini and also allows you to connect a light or action camera with a classic GoPro style action camera attachment. Rugged Design The mount comes with a rugged CNC machined aluminium construction that is suited to being used even in the harshest of terrains. The mount comes with a manufacturer lifetime guarantee against material or manufacturer defects allowing you to use the mount year after year with an easy attachment system that can be conveniently swapped between bikes.