Exposure Capture Action Camera Light – Recambios para cámaras 123.80 €

The Capture is an incredible 600 lumen light that has been purposefully built to work with your action camera to boost your footage to the next level

Graphene One of the most exciting foundations of the Capture light is that it is the first LED light in existence to use graphene for its construction. The material comes with advanced thermal management properties which keeps the light from overheating and causing damage to the light or to you or your bike. Graphene is also a lot, lot lighter than aluminium making the light weigh just 69g. Light Modes The Capture light comes with four different light modes that allow you to adapt the lighting for your particular environment, activity, or battery life. The light modes include: Mode One: 600 lumens output – 35 minutes of battery life Mode Two: 400 lumens output – 60 minutes of battery life Mode Three: 200 lumens output – 120 minutes of battery life Mode Four: 600 lumens output – 340 minutes of battery life Micro USB Rechargeable The Capture light is Micro USB rechargeable which means that you don’t have to constantly change the light’s batteries and you can instead charge the light via any standard USB port. Capture also comes with a useful fuel gauge that allows you to keep track of how much lighting you have left and when best to charge.